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The Signal Netflix Review: A Familiar Journey Through Space and Mystery

The Signal Netflix Review

“The Signal” revolves around an astronaut who vanishes during a mission. However, her husband delves into a harrowing investigation while juggling the responsibilities of single parenthood. Amidst the complexities of space and family, he embarks on a journey of discovery and resilience. With the series out today on Netflix, we have a review for you. If you’re wondering if “The Signal” is worth the watch, keep reading.

The Signal
Credits: Credits

An Interstellar-esque Concept With A Twist

The series, which resembles and gives us a look of “Interstellar,” cleverly plays it safe artistically while incorporating recognisable features like agricultural views. The cinematography is well done, but that is a given since it’s a Netflix show. “The Signal” gives us an atmosphere straight out of ’80s sci-fi by placing a greater emphasis on a poignant, mysterious story than risk-taking visuals.

An Interstellar-esque Concept With A Twist
Credits: Netflix

Even though the series makes us think of “Interstellar”, we know it didn’t have the budget. However, the crew makes the most of its resources despite financial limitations, producing a nearly flawless show. The show benefits from its comforting demeanor and provides guilt-free, family-friendly entertainment. It isn’t really creative, but it works well mechanically and uses tried-and-true ideas.

The primary plot is around Paula and a fellow scientist who, driven by the caprices of yet another “billionaire” with dubious intentions, travel into space to investigate riddles related to extraterrestrial life. Their findings turn out to be exciting and surprising. Still, problems follow, forcing Paula’s husband, Sven, to decipher her mysterious farewell message and embark on a risky search for explanations amid her disappearance.

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The Signal Is A Little Slow Paced

“The Signal” develops dynamically, fusing a variety of components into an engrossing story. Although some pace may be improved, the tale is nonetheless engaging and keeps viewers interested. The mystery grows as the events take place, prompting concerns about conspiracy, hallucination, and reality.

Gradually becoming clear, the answers heighten the tension, especially in the crucial last episode. It’s an exciting voyage of discovery that keeps viewers wondering until the end.

The Signal Is A Little Slow Paced
Credits: Netflix

The third episode of the miniseries “The Signal” may be the poorest, giving viewers the impression that the plot has peaked. They will, however, be pleasantly pleased by what is revealed in the last episode. Anticipating a dull story, the finale turns out to be very powerful, providing a gratifying resolution. The fourth episode dispels earlier skepticism and keeps viewers fully captivated through to the very end, revealing the true nature of the story.


So, should you watch it or not? Well, according to us, if you are a fan of “Interstellar” and if you have given “Constellation” a shot, this show might be the one for you. However, we advise you to have a little patience with the pace, it’s just four episodes anyway! “The Signal” offers a compelling blend of familiar sci-fi elements and a poignant narrative.

While its pace may lag at times, the series ultimately delivers a satisfying resolution, making it a worthwhile watch. The series is now available to watch on Netflix, so get your snacks and start binge-watching.

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