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Frankly Speaking Episode 9 Review: Are On Woo-ju and Song Ki-baek Official?

Frankly Speaking Episode 9 Review

So far, Frankly Speaking, Netflix’s latest K-drama, has been all about the protagonists coming closer and slowly and steadily falling in love. This series has been more about On Woo-ju and Song Ki-baek than anyone else, however, now that Frankly Speaking is nearing the end and has been promoted as a limited series, it is time to tie some loose ends, however, is it doing a good job?

The last few episodes of any series can be tricky, especially if the possibility of a second season is next to none, and Frankly Speaking might just be struggling a little. In this review, we will talk a little more about what worked versus what didn’t work when it comes to Frankly Speaking Episode 9. There will be spoilers ahead!

What’s Next for On Woo-ju and Song Ki-Baek?

By now, we are certain that On Woo-ju and Song Ki-baek have made their way into your hearts, and rightfully so. This couple has had several heartwarming scenes filled with a sense of playfulness that every relationship needs. But not everything that glitters is gold, especially not after the cliffhanger in the previous episode.

Ki-Baek walked in on Kim Jung-heon and Woo-ju embracing one another but Ki-baek was unaware that it was more of an apology hug. This misunderstanding could have led to some interesting drama in Frankly Speaking, however, that’s not the route the series decided to take. Instead, Jung-heon fainted, landed in a hospital, and eventually, Ki-baek realized that hug didn’t mean anything beyond an apology.

What's Next for On Woo-ju and Song Ki-Baek?
Credit: Netflix

After this, it is hinted that Ki-baek and Woo-ju are “official” but not a lot of attention is paid particularly to their relationship, and somehow their scenes together are also reduced in this episode. There are still enough scenes of them together, but not at the level we would have expected it to be, especially since they were together now.

In Frankly Speaking Episode 9, far too many subplots try to get introduced while other scenes hurry to tie some loose ends from the previous episodes, but instead, it all just felt like a drag, and we weren’t remotely as engaged as we were in the rest of the series.

Frankly Speaking Episode 9 Review
Credit: Netflix

Of course, this K-drama hasn’t ended just yet, but not too many episodes are left for it to pick the pieces. Nevertheless, the comedy continues to remain consistent, and we see a more emotional side to Woo-ju, in front of Ki-Baek, which was an important step in their dynamic together. Frankly Speaking Episode 9 ends on a cliffhanger, and it will be interesting to see how this series moves forward.


If you have stuck around for 9 episodes of Frankly Speaking, we recommend making it to the end of the series, because we surely will. Do let us know in the comments what you thought about Episode 9!

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