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Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Episode 9 Recap: Are Maggie and Winston Back Together?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Episode 9 Recap

In the latest episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”, Amelia faces a crucial realization while Teddy urges her and Meredith to accelerate Alzheimer’s research, fearing Catherine’s interference. Mika finds herself caught up in Link and Jo’s misery as she works through their disagreements.

Fans have been hooked to the season so far so let’s find out what else happened in the latest episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Financial Struggles and Secret Research in Grey’s Anatomy

Owen suggests a proposal for the hospital in the latest “Grey’s Anatomy” episode, but budgetary restrictions keep it from happening. This shortage is due to Teddy having previously exhausted the discretionary budget to assist Meredith’s Alzheimer’s research.

Catherine Fox was not informed of this expense, despite having given Meredith the order to stop the project. However, Meredith disobeyed Catherine’s orders and, with Teddy’s help, found other sources of funding.

As all of this is going on, Amelia becomes suspicious after Catherine’s strange examination of the hospital, so she takes their research materials and leaves right away—not even stopping to see Maggie. Maggie, who is now back, has a deep emotional connection to Brady, a long-term patient who is getting closer to the end of his heart condition.

Grey’s Anatomy
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Brady, whose health was declining, was admitted back to the hospital after receiving a heart transplant years earlier. An MRI revealed that his time with his partner Ian was short, which added an emotional element to the story despite his youth and ambitions for the future.

Maggie went back to Seattle to help her long-term patient, Brady and awkwardly encountered Winston, her ex-husband. Winston had promised to sign their divorce papers, but as of now, he hadn’t done so. Maggie reassured him that her lawyer was just being insistent and not to worry about the delay.

She insisted on having an intern during her stay in Seattle, and Lucas was given the job despite having recently learned he would have to redo his first year of internship.

Maggie and Winston’s Complicated Relationship

When Simone heard about Lucas’s situation, she thought it was unfair and recommended that the board be contacted. But Lucas advised her to forget about it because he didn’t want to look weak in front of Simone, the woman he loves.

Rather, he focused on Brady, while Simone helped another patient, Mason, in the operating room. Mason needed a new heart and new lungs since he had hypertension. Fortunately, the difficult surgery could move forward because a compatible donor became available at the perfect time.

Later in “Grey’s Anatomy”, Winston gets in touch with Maggie, and the two of them evaluate Mason’s heart for Brady. They realised it might work. Intending to save Brady’s life, Maggie and Winston displayed in the operating room their remarkable surgical skills, which was reminiscent of their relationship before their divorce.

Maggie and Winston's Complicated Relationship
Credits: ABC

Ian, Brady’s boyfriend, intended to pop the question using his grandfather’s ring in the meantime. Ian tried the ring on Brady’s finger while he was sleeping, but the swelling prevented it from coming off. Lucas kept Ian’s proposal plan a secret while also assisting with the ring removal using Vaseline.

Mason’s heart was successfully transplanted into Brady because of Winston and Maggie’s skill. Maggie then encouraged Lucas to consider a future in cardiology, despite his initial inclination towards neurology due to him being a Shepherd, advising him to keep an open mind.

Later in “Grey’s Anatomy”, Maggie complicates things by making a move on Winston, who refuses her advances. He reminded her that he wasn’t going to give up on their relationship without making an equal effort because he had already given so much for it. Maggie’s behaviour showed a tendency towards selfishness, just like that of Ellis, her mother.

How Did The Episode End?

Meredith, meanwhile, was adamant about publishing their research findings on Alzheimer’s, even at the cost of perhaps losing her job and risking Catherine’s fury. Nick confronted Meredith, expressing his frustration over repeatedly uprooting his life for fleeting moments with her.

Later in “Grey’s Anatomy”, Meredith faces a crucial decision regarding her relationship with Nick. Teddy told Catherine that she had made a big discovery in Alzheimer’s detection thanks to her studies. In response, Catherine fired Teddy but spared the others, easing their fears.

Meredith, who is adamant about putting Nick first, tells him she loves him and won’t allow work to get in the way of their relationship even though she’s not sure she’ll be married again.

How Did The Episode End?
Credits: ABC

Before her dismissal, Teddy warned Meredith and Amelia about their dwindling time to achieve a breakthrough. To expedite progress, she assigned interns to assist, unaware that Jules had already written code to automate their tasks. Even though Jules had expressed gratitude for Blue’s loyalty, she used her free time to have a casual relationship with him.

Later in “Grey’s Anatomy”, Mika was aware of the difficulties in building relationships at work, particularly with superiors. Assigned to Link’s care, she saw his repeated arguments with Jo, who didn’t have the same status as an OBGYN resident.

As a result, Mika decided to break up with Taryn to avoid more problems. Winston, meanwhile, moved on and began a new chapter in his personal life by spending the evening with the new head of paediatrics.

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In the latest episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” drama increases as Amelia, Meredith, and Teddy face the complexities of Alzheimer’s research while also facing Catherine’s intimidating presence. Meanwhile, personal relationships intertwine with professional challenges, leading to difficult decisions for the characters.

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