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Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Episode 10 Preview: Release Date And More

Grey's Anatomy Season 20 Episode 10 Preview

Grey’s Anatomy is an iconic television series that has a strong fanbase cultivated through multiple seasons over the years. The medical drama has been airing since 2005 and it’s currently in its 20th season which is a testament to its massive popularity and success.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Episode 10 is the upcoming episode and it’s at the peak of the drama. Viewers have been really excited about the episode and want to figure out how the storyline will unfold. So keep reading since we will be answering those queries.

What Is Grey’s Anatomy All About?

Grey’s Anatomy is the creation of Shonda Rhimes and it was about Meredith Grey (played by Ellen Pompeo) as she starts out as an intern to a surgeon. She gradually becomes a doctor and the head of the general surgery department in a hospital. After Pompeo left the show in Season 19 and since then the storyline focuses on the ensemble cast.

Rhimes served as the leading writer showrunner, and one of the executive producers till 2015. Over the years, many have served the EP including Pompeo, Jeannine Renshaw, Steve Mulholland, James D. Parriott, and Kent Hodder among others. The series premiered on March 27th, 2005 and ended on May 22nd. Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 started on March 14th, 2024.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Episode 9 is called I Carry Your Heart and it was released on May 23rd, 2024. It was written by Michelle Lirtzman while Kevin McKidd was the director. The episode shows the return of Maggie Pierce (played by Kelly McCreary), whom Winston Ndugu (Anthony Hill) meets at a press conference for surgeons.

Teddy was asked by Owen regarding the funds for the program of teaching. Meanwhile, Jo is leaving his job as a surgeon and to celebrate it, Link plans to cook something for him.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?
Credits: TVLine

Later, Jules and Blue are asked by Teddy regarding the funds of the program. Winston and Maggie come close and it was shown in the earlier episodes how he had a crush on her. He then mentioned the paper for divorce that were signed.

We also saw Helm and Mike parting ways. Nick is informed by Meredith about her doubts regarding her marriage. Teddy is fired by Catherine and this remains a major development of this episode which shocked viewers.

What To Expect From Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Episode 10?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Episode 10 is called Burn It Down and it’s penned by Julie Wong. It will be the finale episode of this season and we will witness a grand conclusion. A 29-second promo of the episode showcases that a wildfire is rising in Seattle it has affected many. Because of this, the hospital is filled with patients suffering burn injuries.

The promo ends with Jo suddenly collapsing on the ground as she is exhausted from work. We can hope that it’s only because of the overworking and there is nothing serious with her. All the doctors and nurses are working towards getting the patients cured as the pressure increases. Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Episode 10 will be trying all the subplots and loose ends from this season since it’s the finale.

Do We Have A Release Date?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Episode 10 will be released on Thursday, May 30, 2024 on ABC. There have been only ten episodes which is less than the prior seasons that have 20 average episodes. This was due to the Hollywood strike from last year which directly affected the show’s production.

The duration of each episode is between 40 to 53 minutes and the same is expected from Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Episode 10. However, there are chances that it might get longer since it will conclude this season.

Do We Have A Release Date?
Credits: TVLine


Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Episode 10 is the final episode of this season and we can expect the drama to reach a crescendo point. All the major subplots might be resolved as the ER is stuffed with many patients due to the wildfire. The premise is really intriguing and viewers are amped up about it. They are only waiting for it to be released.

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