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Grimsburg Season 2: Is It Renewed? Everything We Know

Grimsburg Season 2

Grimsburg is a new entry in the sitcom genre within the animation world. It is the creation of Matthew Schlissel and Catlan McClelland while Chadd Gindin has developed it. The series premiered on January 7th, 2024, and has been well-received by viewers.

Grimsburg Season 2
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The first season is yet to conclude but viewers are curious if they will get to see Grimsburg Season 2. There is much buzz and demand for a second season of this Fox series. We will be taking a look and trying to find out if it’s happening or not.

What Happened At The End of Grimsburg?

Grimsburg is set in a town which is also called Grimsburg and its central character is Marvin Flute (voiced by Jon Hamm) who works as a detective. The series also has the voice acting of names like Greg Chun (John Kang), Rachel Dratch (Stan Flute), Erinn Hayes (Harmony Flute), and Kevin Michael Richardson (Greg Summers).

The finale of Grimsburg Season 2 will drop on May 12th but its penultimate episode was released on May 5th, 2024. The episode showcased yet another adventure of Marvin. This time around, he wants to live forever and for that, he will go to any extent. Marvin is shown drinking a liquid that starts the process of de-aging in human bodies. This leads to many funny situations for him and his family.

Meanwhile, the police department goes through a change that will have its repercussions. A new person, who is a lieutenant, has been introduced.

McClelland, Schlissel, and Gindin are also the executive producers of the show along with Connie Tavel, Jon Hamm, Hend Baghdady, and Gail Berman.

Will There Be Another Season?

Fox had ordered Grimsburg Season 2 back in October 2022 even before the series had its premiere. Since the announcement happened before the first season came out, it showcases how confident Fox is about the warm response Grimsburg would get.

Will There Be Another Season?
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Grimsburg Season 2 should have the same team as the first season so the same quality of humor and characters might return for the viewers to enjoy.

What To Expect From It?

The makers of this adult animation have not revealed the plotline of Grimsburg Season 2 and it is expected that the series would pick from where the first season ends. We can speculate that it will continue to tell the story of Marvin and his family members as he goes on with his work.

His family members will also play a pivotal role in the second season as well. Just like before, the second season will also show Marvin’s professional life as well as his family.

What To Expect From It?
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Fox has not revealed the release date of Grimsburg Season 2. But since it was announced before the first season, we can expect that the makers have already started working on it. This means that we will not have to wait for a long time. The second season can drop in 2025 or sometimes in 2026 in the early months.

Jon Hamm will return with his voice for Marvin Flute, while Rachel Dratch will voice Stan Flute. Other actors include Erinn Hayes (Harmony Flute), Alan Tudyk (Rufis Pentos), Jaime Camil (Mayor Dilquez), Greg Chun (John Kang) and Wendi McLendon-Covey (Patsy Stamos).


Grimsburg is the addition to the slate of Fox in the animation genre. Unlike any other show, this one focuses on the mundanness of the characters and we find comedy in them. The series stars many actors who are talented even in their voice work. All these things have made the series a success. Grimsburg Season 2 has been in demand and its commission has made the fans happy.

Viewers are expecting the second season to drop soon even when the first season is still airing. This is evidence of the show’s popularity. We can expect the makers and Fox to unveil more information about the second season in the near future. Grimsburg Season 2 is a very anticipated season but we will only get to see it after a year or so.