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Heartbreak High Season 2 Review: It’s Edgy, Gutsy and Heartfelt

Heartbreak High

The much-awaited Heartbreak High Season 2 has officially landed on Netflix and we do not doubt that all the existing fans of this series have rushed to watch it. When the official trailer for Heartbreak High Season 2 dropped, there was a certain edginess to it, but no one could have anticipated just how much there would be. However, each episode of this new season was edgier than the one before, and there was always something to look forward to.

Ayesha Madon has once again given a standout performance in an otherwise busy cast and a season filled with far too many subplots. There’s something to watch when it comes to Heartbreak High Season 2, and in this review, we will help you decide if this series fits your watchlist, or if would you rather skip it!

An Extremely Busy Season With Plenty to Look Forward To

If you have watched the first season of Heartbreak High, chances are you already know that Heartbreak High Season 2 is riddled with a lot of loose ties that need to be taken care of, along with several other new subplots, and some characters, that have been introduced to aide the continuation of the series.

An Extremely Busy Season With Plenty to Look Forward To
Credit: Netflix

This season might not be everyone’s cup of tea, simply because it is a lot, but it will work well for anyone who has been looking forward to it. Heartbreak High Season 2 is packed with some great one-liners, heart-wrenching scenes, and character arcs that several young adults could relate to.

That’s the entire charm of shows like Heartbreak High. They don’t aim for critical acclamation or the highest awards and accolades in television. Instead, they are made for a target audience, and that target audience gets exactly what they had hoped for, especially with this particular season.

Certain characters like Amerie, Harper, Quinn, Darren, Malakai, and the newest addition, Rowan, were paid special attention to, and rightfully so. Once again, Ayesha Madon‘s portrayal of Amerie has become the voice of the misunderstood, the ones who make mistakes and aren’t afraid to admit it, and also the ones to are sometimes scared of the world ahead of them.

Heartbreak High Season 2 Review
Credit: Netflix

Heartbreak High Season 2 brings up several social issues and manages to handle them with care, time and again, until the very end. The season finale of Heartbreak High Season 2 was most certainly one to remember and is also a tear-jerker, so you might want to hold on to some tissues or your safety blanket and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Once again, by the looks of it, there appears to be Heartbreak High Season 3 somewhere on the horizon, and given the early success of this season, anything is possible.

Heartbreak High Season 2
Credit: Netflix


Heartbreak High Season 2 sets out to do exactly what one would expect it to, and it does it without any fear and refuses to be censored, for that reason, we do recommend heading over to Netflix and streaming the latest season of Heartbreak High.