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How to Ruin Love Review: A Charming Romantic Comedy Or Cliche?

How to Ruin Love Review

In “How to Ruin Love,” Zoleka’s suspicion of her boyfriend’s infidelity drives her to set a trap, intending to catch him cheating. However, her plan backfires when she accidentally ruins his surprise marriage proposal.

Faced with the aftermath of her mistrust, Zoleka tries to find a way to mend their relationship and win him back. Interesting plot? Well, now that “How to Ruin Love” is out on Netflix, let’s see if it’s worth the watch.

Zoleka’s Suspicion in How to Ruin Love

In “How to Ruin Love,” Zoleka and Kagiso’s three-year relationship faces a major setback when Zoleka accidentally disrupts her own surprise proposal. Kagiso is devastated by her actions, which spoils the mood and makes him decide to break up.

Zoleka goes above and beyond to rekindle their relationship, gaining the support of both families in her determined attempt to win him back—the show centers on her sincere and humorous attempts to make amends with the man she loves.

Zoleka's Suspicion in How to Ruin Love
Credits: Netflix

We’re sure “How to Ruin Love” is another one of those romantic comedies that always makes us laugh because they are about failed proposals. The main characters, Kagiso and Zoleka, inject the show with warmth and comedy, making for a captivating watch for us.

Despite being mostly a comedy, the show tackles serious subjects head-on. Conversations regarding the value of honest communication are sparked by the flaws in Zoleka and Kagiso’s relationship, which add further complexity to the story. The show also emphasizes the value of speaking up for oneself, providing a thought-provoking commentary within the fun.

Betrayal and Forgiveness

Beyond their emotional involvement, Kagiso and Zoleka are well-developed characters in “How to Ruin Love,” with nuance and complexity. Even if they have to deal with unsupportive family members, their struggles make you sympathetic and want them to be happy even in the face of hardship.

The show skillfully strikes a balance between humor and the gravity of real-life problems, making sure that neither takes centre stage.

Betrayal and Forgiveness
Credits: Netflix

The chemistry between Sivenathi Mabuya and Bohang Moeko is evident on screen as they represent a real pair overcoming obstacles in their relationship. Their performances are just as compelling and deepen the dynamics of their respective personas. However, the repetition of Zoleka and Kagiso’s arguments could get boring quickly.

How Is The Show Overall?

The show’s dedication to delving into the characters’ prior traumas and encouraging candid discussion about their problems gives their journey a genuine quality that keeps the story engaging nevertheless. It is excellent as a fun comedy, but it also mixes poignant and serious moments to give us a well-rounded experience. Rather than depending on tired, unimportant jokes, the comedy is intelligent and original.

How Is The Show Overall?
Credits: Netflix

Without a doubt, the series is enjoyable, and even though some situations could try your patience, the cast’s outstanding performances leave a lasting impact. Sivenathi Mabuya and Bohang Moeko’s chemistry gives their parts realism, which raises the show’s overall quality. The supporting cast makes a substantial contribution as well; each character adds a unique charm and depth to the narrative.

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“How to Ruin Love” is a delightful blend of humour and heartfelt moments, showcasing the complexities of relationships with sincerity and charm. Sivenathi Mabuya and Bohang Moeko’s undeniable chemistry brings authenticity to their roles, making the characters’ journey relatable and engaging.

The series strikes a perfect balance between comedy and serious themes, addressing issues like communication and self-advocacy without losing its lighthearted appeal. While the repetitive conflicts may be a minor drawback, the overall narrative and strong performances ensure an entertaining and memorable experience. For fans of romantic comedies, “How to Ruin Love” is definitely worth the watch.

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