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Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Episode 10 Review: A Bittersweet Farewell To Our Beloved Show

Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Episode 10 Review

Burnham faces Moll in “Star Trek: Discovery” Season 5, Episode 10, “Life, Itself,” while Rayner fights the Breen and Saru deals with Primarch Tahal. The series finale of “Star Trek: Discovery” made some questionable decisions in the end. A strong season finale, yet somewhat lacking as a series conclusion. Let’s find out if it’s worth a watch or not for anyone who’s wondering.

A Clash of Ideals in Star Trek: Discovery

The season-long story of “Star Trek: Discovery” featuring the Progenitors comes to its conclusion in the season-ending “Life, Itself” finale, which mixes predictable conclusions with unexpected turns. Similar to earlier storylines, like Michael Burnham’s meeting with the godlike 10-C, the Progenitors’ ability to create acts as a turning point in humanity’s understanding of life.

A Clash of Ideals in Star Trek: Discovery
Credits: Paramount+

However, the idea of throwing this much-hyped technology into a black hole seems a little underwhelming, like a last-minute detour towards a corny friendship lesson. However, the episode’s aesthetic appeal is enhanced by its breathtaking graphics, which include celestial portals.

Even if “Life, Itself” succeeds in several areas, especially when it comes to conceptual investigation and visual aspects, the series’ conclusion is not entirely satisfying. For fans of the franchise, nevertheless, its provocative themes and character arcs guarantee an engaging viewing experience.

There are some unanswered concerns regarding the end of this fight, such as what will happen to Moll’s Breen group and who will succeed him in the Breen Imperium, but they don’t substantially lessen the overall story.

The Pacing and Little Awkward Moments in Star Trek: Discovery

The longer duration of “Life, Itself,” the series finale, enables a more thorough conclusion of the stories produced by the Discovery team. Though the pacing is a little awkward at times, especially at the ending, the episode does a good job of acknowledging the end of the series.

Important events that wrap up character storylines include the marriage of Saru and T’Rina, the reconciliation of Michael and Book, Moll’s hiring by Section 31, and the reveal of Kovich’s true identity as Enterprise’s Agent Daniels.

The Pacing and Little Awkward Moments in Star Trek: Discovery
Credits: Paramount+

All things considered, even though there are a few details that seem hurried or missed, the final episode of “Star Trek: Discovery” successfully ends the story while providing an opportunity for more exploration. The show’s finale offers a generally satisfying wrap to the characters’ narratives and strengthens the topics that were covered throughout its five-year run.

How Is Star Trek: Discovery’s Season 5 Finale Overall?

The finale, which wraps up character arcs and thematic components with warmth and resolution, appropriately reflects this sincere approach. “Star Trek: Discovery” ends in a way that feels in line with the spirit of the show, emphasizing the value of individual and societal development as well as emotional depth. It’s a fitting conclusion for a show that has always placed equal emphasis on the emotional journeys of its characters and its daring narratives.

How Is Star Trek: Discovery's Season 5 Finale Overall?
Credits: Paramount+

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The series finale of “Star Trek: Discovery” delivers a largely satisfying conclusion, emphasizing emotional depth and thematic continuity. Despite some questionable choices and unresolved plot points, it successfully wraps up character arcs and leaves room for future stories. The heartfelt moments, such as Saru and T’Rina’s wedding and Michael and Book’s reconciliation, provide a warm and fitting end to the series.

Visually stunning and conceptually engaging, “Life, Itself” captures the essence of the show, celebrating personal and collective growth. Overall, it’s a fitting farewell for a series that has always prioritized its characters’ emotional journeys alongside its adventurous sci-fi storytelling, making it a must-watch for dedicated fans of the franchise.

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