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Kaos: All You Need to Know About Netflix Series Starring Jeff Goldblum


Recently, Netflix disclosed the first took of Jeff Goldblum’s upcoming Netflix series, Kaos, where Goldblum plays the role of Zeus, the king of the gods and the ruler of Mount Olympus. This series has been titled Kaos, and so far, not a lot has been revealed about it, but nevertheless, we’re going to tell you all we know, just so you don’t have to dive too deep into google.

Goldblum has been one of the biggest and beloved stars of Hollywood, and his landing on a Netflix series is definitely not something we have on our bingo card, but it is exciting nonetheless.

So, stick around until the very end to find out everything you need to know about Kaos, from the plot to the cast and much more.

What is the Plot of Kaos?

Could a prophecy about Zeus’ downfall eventually become true? Well, that is the briefest way to tell you a little bit about Netflix’s upcoming series, which revolves around the mighty Zeus, who has now become paranoid about what lies ahead of him.

Zeus has been encompassed with fear as he learns a prophecy, predicting his downfall, and at the same time, there are plans in motion that could actually make this prophecy come true.

What is the Plot of Kaos?

Kaos isn’t just about Zeus, but also three humans who are now involved in the events that escalate, but how far can it all really go?

Can anyone really bring down Zeus, or will he be the cause of his own downfall? More will be revealed in the series, and also once the official trailer of the series drops, for which you can check our website!

The Cast of Kaos

The first look of the series by Netflix has revealed that Jeff Goldblum will be playing the role of Zeus. If you don’t recognize Goldblum, you are most definitely missing out, and here is some of his work that you can binge on while waiting for Kaos: Jurassic Park, Thor: Ragnarok, Earth Girls Are Easy, and Independence Day.

Joining Goldblum in the cast of Kaos are several other talented actors and actresses including David Thewlis, Janet McTeer, and Cliff Curtis to name a few.

When and Where Can You Watch Kaos?

Kaos will be exclusively available to stream only on Netflix, so now might be the perfect time to renew your subscription, as several other titles are coming to the streaming platform this year.

As for the release date, much like the trailer, Kaos doesn’t have an official release date just yet, but we will make sure this section is updated so you can come back and take a look at it!


At its surface, so far, Kaos appears to be a very modern take a Greek mythology, that will showcase other big names too, and that’s more than enough to keep the hype alive, in case Jeff Goldblum wasn’t enough!

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