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Keith Robinson: Different Strokes Review: Health Updates and a Whole Lot of Laughter on Netflix

Keith Robinson: Different Strokes Review

Beloved Keith Robinson has taken the stage on Netflix’s latest comedy special Keith Robinson: Different Strokes and it was a hoot and a half! The streaming platform has endless comedy specials from comedians all across the globe and while Robinson’s was yet another addition to the hilarious roster, he does manage to set himself apart from the crowd.

Robinson and his cane are the two main parts of Keith Robinson: Different Strokes on Netflix, and yes, for all those wondering, Robinson does talk about the stroke he suffered back in 2020 which led to mobility issues.

Despite being handicapped, nothing is going to stop Robinson from taking the stage and making people laugh, and in this review, we will talk a little more about it.

The Power to Laugh at Yourself

Of late, most stand-up specials that we have witnessed on different streaming platforms have revolved around comedians talking about the political climate, about Gen Z culture, about social media, and everything in that realm.

They often resort to dark comedy and politically incorrect and insensitive jokes, and this has become more common, especially on Netflix. But, Keith Robinson: Different Strokes was a little different.

The Power to Laugh at Yourself
Credit: Netflix

While dark comedy was the key of Keith Robinson’s latest Netflix special, most of the jokes were on himself as Robinson gives viewers all across the globe an update about the stroke he faced, the aftermath, and how he continues to deal with it. However, none of this was a tear-jerker moment or a pity party, in fact, Robinson laughed, and the audience laughed harder, and this made him stand out from the rest.

Sure, every comedian has a life story to talk about and they spin it around in a manner, that turns it into a comedy special, but there was something about Robinson in this particular special that didn’t feel familiar to the rest of the comedians.

Maybe it was the fact that he walked in the cane, which eventually fell, and was picked up by none other than Amy Schumer herself! Yes, that was quite the surprise for us, and everyone watching the special.

Keith Robinson: Different Strokes 
Credit: Netflix

In less than an hour, Robinson manages to talk about his stroke in the most comedic fashion possible and with some detailed explanation about how it happened and the aftermath. He often refers to himself as “handicapped” and while one wants to feel bad for Robinson during the special, it is simply impossible because he doesn’t give us a minute to do so. It is one joke after another, one anecdote after another, and before we knew it, the time was up!


Keith Robinson: Different Strokes deserves a part two because we could listen to him talk for hours if we had to. Robinson’s style of comedy continues to create ripples of laughter across the globe and we would love to know in the comments what you thought about the same.

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