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Land of Women Episode 3 Review: Tensions Rise Between Gala and Amat

Land of Women Episode 3 Review

Last week, the first two episodes of Land of Women premiered on Apple TV+ and it was exactly what the streaming platform needed. Drama, comedy, plenty of women, and of course, a stunning performance by Eva Longoria sounds like a recipe for success, and that’s exactly what this series has been so far, and Episode 3 is no exception. In fact, things are only getting better moving forward and it’s been a treat to watch.

Aside from Longoria’s continued stunning performance in Land of Women Episode 3, there’s plenty more to look forward to as we learn more about the leading ladies of this series, which shows the complexities in a comedic manner, and what more could one ask for?

In this review, we will talk a little more about some of our favorite moments in Episode 3 and what you can keep a lookout for!

Wine, Wine, and More Wine

As the title suggests, Land of Women is of course about the women who are shown in the series and represent several different communities all across the globe. But let’s face it, this series is also about wine, and we love every part of it.

Gala, Kate, and Julia once again find themselves navigating their new lives in a small town, something they wouldn’t have expected a week ago, nevertheless, they’re here and ready to make the most of it.

Wine, Wine, and More Wine
Credit: Apple TV+

Amat manages to get all three women a job at the town’s vineyard, and Gala is ready to showcase her wine expertise and help enhance things, but the women of the town are far from accepting, often annoyed at an “American” being amongst them. Amat does a good job of helping them accept Gala a little more, especially since he was once a stranger.

Land of Women Episode 3 also gives a small glimpse into Amat’s first time in the town, and a little background into his life, which is the opening scene of the episode. This hints towards Amat’s importance in this series, and of course, his potential romance with Gala, which also picks up some pace, but falls flat at the end of the episode when she realizes that Amat is taken. It was an unexpected turn for the viewers too!

Land of Women Episode 3 Review
Credit: Apple TV+

There were several important scenes in Episode 3 and none of them should be missed out on, so make sure you are glued to your screen when watching Land of Women. Julia attempts to figure out who Gala’s father is, and more of that will be explored in the next episode.

As for Kate, she meets a doctor and needs her hormone medicines, however, he is reluctant to do so without proper documents.

Land of Women Episode 3
Credit: Apple TV+

This eventually spirals into a horrible event for Kate, but she has the right people standing up for her. However, this scene does hold up a mirror to society and the mindset in the small towns, which proves it to be one of the most phenomenal scenes of the series so far!


Land of Women Episode 3 gives and gives, but looks like there might be plenty more trouble in paradise for Gala, Kate, and Julia. So, make sure to check out our review of the next episode, because you wouldn’t want to miss out on it!

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