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Palm Royale Review: Kristen Wiig Steals the Show in Apple TV+’s Latest Series

Apple TV+ has just dropped the first three episodes of the much-anticipated series Palm Royale starring Kristen Wiig, Kaia Gerber, Carol Burnett, Allison Janney, and Laura Dern amongst several other talented actors and actresses. While Apple TV+ Palm Royale boasts an ensemble cast, the focus remains on Wiig’s character, Maxine, who most certainly stole the show.

Although only three episodes of Palm Royale are officially streaming on the platform, it has showcased a lot of promise and has given the viewers something to look forward to. So, keep reading this article to read more about our thoughts on Palm Royale and the different aspects that might make you want to either stream it or skip it!

An Aesthetically Pleasing Endeavour

the series is set in the year 1969 and that is made glaringly obvious from the very beginning because of the setup and the color themes that have been used in Apple TV+’s latest series. While there are a lot of elements to this series, the color palette and overall aesthetic definitely stand out as it helps set the tone of Palm Royale as a whole.

Whether or not the story is engaging enough might just be a different tale altogether, because you will want to stick around for the cast, and just how gorgeous each and everyone looks with the backdrop of Palm Royale.

An Aesthetically Pleasing Endeavour
Credit: Apple TV+

However, moving to the more obvious parts of Palm Royale, aka the storyline. It majorly focuses on the character Maxine, beautifully and effortlessly portrayed by Kristen Wiig. Maxine is someone who is desperate to fit in, and although she doesn’t keep up her appearances in the first episode, it doesn’t take her long to bounce back to Palm Royale with her smart and almost cunning ways, because she will truly do anything to simply belong. This is the life that Maxine wants, and she won’t let anything come in the way of it.

Maxine is almost too positive. That positivity might just radiate through the screen and onto you, but Wiig does it exceptionally well, stealing the show, despite having some seasoned actors and actresses around her when it comes to the ensemble cast of Palm Royale. As aforementioned, there’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to Palm Royale, however, it does have a couple of lows that might make you want to fast-forward it just a little bit.

Palm Royale
Credit: Apple TV+

Saying Palm Royale gets too repetitive would be a little unfair, but there are certain moments where you might feel like the story is moving a little slow despite some fast-paced scenes and overall storyline. This might be the only downside of Palm Royale so far, at least as far as the first three episodes go, and what the future holds will only be known as more episodes are released weekly.

Overall, Palm Royale was stylish, packed with some fantastic acting, and truly a little bit of everything that will make you want to transport into the screen for just a moment, much like Maxine trying to fit in.


There’s something for everyone in Palm Royale and we would highly recommend streaming it and sticking around for future episodes to find out what’s in store for Maxine, and how her story intertwines with the other characters and her newfound life. How long can she possibly keep up the act?

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