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Manhunt On Apple TV+: Release Date, Storyline, And Everything We Know So Far

Apple TV+’s “Manhunt” dramatises the compelling story from James L. Swanson’s critically acclaimed book, “Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer.” Intense drama mixed with historical context, the show explores the relentless hunt for John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of Abraham Lincoln.

Credits: Apple

With the backdrop of a country in disarray, “Manhunt” provides viewers with a fascinating look at one of the most infamous moments in American history. If you’re interested in the synopsis and are looking for more information on the same, we have got you covered so read on!

What Is Manhunt All About?

The highly anticipated conspiracy thriller “Manhunt” is based on the critically praised nonfiction book by James L. Swanson.

With the assassination of Abraham Lincoln serving as the backdrop, the series delves into the mysterious hunt for John Wilkes Booth, illuminating one of the most notorious murders in history. “Manhunt” explores the nuances of the search for Booth as tensions mount following Lincoln’s assassination. It is a fascinating story exploring power, treachery, and justice complexities. 

What Is Manhunt All About?
Credits: Apple

When Abraham Lincoln was shot in the head during a production of “Our American Cousin” at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, DC, he tragically lost his life. The attacker was soon identified as none other than the well-known actor of the era, John Wilkes Booth. The next day, Lincoln passed away from his wounds, becoming the first American president to be killed despite valiant attempts to save him.

The subsequent Lincoln assassination and Booth’s pursuit exposed a wider scheme to rekindle the Confederate cause. Though speculation abounds, Booth’s motivations were thought to originate from his belief that the Civil War had not ended. The historical significance and gripping narrative of “Manhunt” will enthral viewers as it delves into a crucial period in American history.  

Who Is In The Cast?

Tobias Menzies, well-known for his appearances in “Outlander” and “The Crown,” is one of the exceptional ensemble cast members of “Manhunt,” contributing his considerable talent to the show. Anthony Boyle, who won praise for his performance in “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” gives his character nuance.

What Is Manhunt All About?
Credits: Apple

 Known for her part in “Greenleaf,” Lovie Simone gives a performance to remember, while Will Harrison completes the cast by bringing his expertise to the group. Together, they pledge to improve “Manhunt” with their riveting performances, adding their varied skills and experiences to the exciting story.

Do We Have A Trailer?

Yes, we do. Watch the trailer for the upcoming series “Manhunt” on Apple TV+ to feel the suspenseful intensity of the hunt for John Wilkes Booth following Lincoln’s death.” The trailer further gives us an idea about how the series will get deep into the assassination of Lincoln and how the Cold War had not ended even when Americans thought they were past it.

In this gripping account of one of the most notorious crimes in American history, dive into the heart of the chase as tensions rise and history is revealed. 

Do We Have A Release Date?

With seven fascinating episodes, “Manhunt” is a gripping narrative that gives viewers an immersive experience. With the release of the first two episodes on Apple TV+, viewers may start this exciting trip on March 15, 2024. After that, a new episode will air every Friday until April 19, 2024, allowing viewers to put together the gripping story one week at a time.

Since the series will be released on Apple TV+, for those eager to embark on this thrilling journey, subscribing to Apple TV+ now ensures immediate access to the intense pursuit of John Wilkes Booth in the aftermath of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, offering an unparalleled viewing experience week by week.


“Manhunt” emerges as a captivating addition to Apple TV+, offering a thrilling dramatization of James L. Swanson’s acclaimed nonfiction book. With an exceptional ensemble cast led by Tobias Menzies and Anthony Boyle, the series promises to immerse viewers in the intense pursuit of John Wilkes Booth following Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. 

As tensions mount and historical revelations unfold, “Manhunt” invites audiences on a gripping journey through one of America’s most infamous crimes. With its release on March 15, 2024, and subsequent weekly episodes, subscribers to Apple TV+ can anticipate an enthralling exploration of power, treachery, and justice in this riveting series.

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