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Manhunt Season 1 Episode 7: Preview, Release Date And More

Manhunt tells a very interesting story from American history that had a very significant impact on the politics and cultural scene. The miniseries deals with the genre of historical drama and has Monica Beletsky as its creator. All six episodes of the show met with much love from audiences since it started in March 2024.

Manhunt Season 1 Episode 7
Credits: Apple TV

There is much interest in Manhunt Season 1 Episode 7 which is ready to premiere soon. Here, we will be answering doubts regarding its preview and when it can be released, among other important things.

What Is Manhunt All About?

Manhunt is the television adaptation of Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer which is a non-fiction book written by James L. Swanson. It starts with the killing of former American president Abraham Lincoln (portrayed by Hamish Linklater) who was shot to death by John Wilkes Booth (played by Anthony Boyle) on April 14th, 1865.

The incident happened in Ford’s Theatre where the president was watching a play. Post the shooting, Booth ran away and was pursued by Edwin Stanton (played by Tobias Menzies) who was the war secretary in the cabinet. Booth was eventually tracked and killed 12 days later on April 26th, 1865.

Manhunt premiered on March 15th, 2024 on Apple TV+ and got praise for its authentication in terms of the events shown. Monica is also an executive producer on the show alongside Richard Abate, Layne Eskridge, Carl Franklin, Michael Rotenberg, Kate Barry, James L. Swanson, Naia Cucukov, and Frank Smith.

What Happened In The Previous Episode of Manhunt?

Manhunt Season 1 Episode 6 is named Useless and it is directed by Eva Sørhaug; Jan Oxenberg and Monica Beletsky wrote the script. It was released on April 12th, 2024, and starts with a sequence in the dream of Edwin Stanton.

Booth holds Julia Garrett in one of her barns. Meanwhile, the cavalry of the 16th, headed by Corbett, reach the farmhouse of Garrett. The team confronts Booth and a shootout happens.

What Happened In The Previous Episode of Manhunt?
Credits: Apple TV

We see Stanton waking up and trying to go to the place. He wants to make sure that Booth is not killed. As the shootout intensifies, Booth is killed. Eddie arrives with Eckert and Stanton. Herold tells Eddie to dump the body of Booth in any place with water.

Later in Georgia, Davis is held after he tries to escape. The diary of Booth is read by Stanton and he later burns all its pages. Toward the end, we see Luther and Eddie disposing of the body of Booth in a water body.

What To Expect From Manhunt Season 1 Episode 7?

Manhunt Season 1 Episode 7 is called The Final Act and is penned by Monica Beletsky. The main event of the show, which is the fate of John Wilkes Booth, was shown in the previous episode. After his death, the next episode will show Stanton trying to find out the reason for Booth shooting Lincoln. He will also have to find out any connection of the murder to the Confederates.

Davis and his link to the murder will be also investigated. The episode can center on Stanton making sure all the killers and conspirators are held accountable for their crimes. It might serve as the climax of Manhunt Season 1 Episode 7.

Do We Have A Release Date?

Manhunt Season 1 Episode 7 will be released on Friday, April 19th, 2024 on Apple TV+. The duration of the final episode of the show can be around an hour. Since it is the final episode, we can speculate that it might be a bit longer because of many events that will reach its end. People across the world can enjoy the episode on the streamer.

Do We Have A Release Date?
Credits: Variety


Manhunt is a refreshing tale of the death of Lincoln which had an effect on the politics of the USA at that time. In the time of shows being made on frivolous subjects, Manhuunt comes as a fresh show that is based on source material that was researched very well. Manhunt Season 1 Episode 7 will end this story that has been going on for many weeks and it’s expected to address all the knots in the story.

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