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Manhunt Season 2: Is It Happening? Everything We Know So Far About The Apple TV Series


Apple TV’s Manhunt was released earlier this year and chronicled the 12-day chase of John Wilkes Booth who had killed Abraham Lincoln. Based on the eponymous novel of James L. Swanson, Manhunt concluded its 7-episode run on April 19th and the episode was loved by viewers.

Manhunt Season 2
Credits: Apple TV

Since then, fans want to know if they will get to see Manhunt Season 2. The period drama was designed as a miniseries from the start. Here, we will be answering if it has been commissioned or the series is canceled.

How Did The Previous Season of Manhunt End?

The seventh and final season of Manhunt was called The Final Act and it gave a satisfying conclusion to this thrilling story of the pursuit of Lincoln’s murderer. The episode starts a few years before the former President is killed.

They are planning the emancipation and Stanton is made the war secretary. At the current time, a trial is taking place after Booth was killed. Davis is questioned by Stanton but he doesn’t confess his involvement. Meanwhile, Eckert confirms that Booth’s cipher is similar to one found in the Confederate office.

How Did The Previous Season of Manhunt End?
Credits: Variety

Weichmann gets immunity in return for giving a testimony in the case. Later, Conover says that he was a double agent in the testimony working for both the government and the Confederate. He reveals being told by Sanders that killing all the heads including the President would allow the Confederates to take control and run the country.

The judge gives out the verdict and states that Jefferson Davis plotted the murder of Lincoln with other members. However, a clean verdict doesn’t happen due to a lack of strong evidence against the Confederates. Meanwhile, Herold, Powell, Atzerodt, and Mrs. Surratt are found guilty and hanged to death. Mudd and Spangler are sent to jail for different years.

The 13th Amendment was passed just a few months post the ending of the trial. This effectively ended slavery in the United States. which abolished slavery. Eventually, the 14th Amendment also became a law and it allowed Black people citizenship and voting rights in the country.

A few years later, Stanton died due to asthma before he could be appointed to the Supreme Court. The series ended on a very satisfying and conclusion note and followed the points of the book.

Will There Be Another Season?

The makers or Apple TV+ have not confirmed that Manhunt Season 2 is happening. It is unlikely that we will get to see another season since the series was developed and designed as a miniseries or a limited series.

The show has covered everything mentioned in its source material book including the pursuit and eventual killing of John Wilkes Booth and the trial to hang all the conspirators. The ending also tied every loose end that was shown in the storyline. So there is nothing much left for the makers to explore in a second season.

What To Expect From It?

If Manhunt Season 2 takes place, Monica Beletsky can explore the aftermath of the demise of Edwin Stanton (played by Tobias Menzies). We might also see how and why some people like David Herold (Will Harrison), as well as Mary Surratt (Carrie Lazar), were involved in the killing in various capacities. The second season can also shed light on other individuals who were a part of the pursuit of Booth and the trial’s aftermath.

What To Expect From It?
Credits: Apple TV

Lincoln’s death led to many changes in reforms in the country which can be explored in season 2. There are many plot points, characters, and possibilities that have high chances to be explored in the future. To get all the information, the makers might look into new source material.

In terms of casting, we might see new faces in the second season. Stanton, Lincoln and other characters can reappear via flashbacks.


Apple TV+’s Manhunt was loved by viewers for its honest depiction of some really important historical events in the USA. So Manhunt Season 2 has been the buzz centre with audiences really intrigued to find out if they will see it in the future. We can now only hope for it to happen.

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