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Name That Tune Season 4 Episode 3: Release Date And More

Name That Tune Season 4 Episode 3

Name That Tune is a decade-long game show surrounding music in America. It first aired in 1952 and has since gone through many renditions. The latest 2021 version is currently going on and is in its fourth season. So far two episodes have aired and people have enjoyed them.

Name That Tune Season 4 Episode 3 is the next episode and there is buzz around it. Viewers are looking into certain details of this episode as they are excited to watch it when it airs. So read on as we address them.

Name That Tune Season 4 Episode 3
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What Is Name That Tune All About?

Name That Tune was originally created by Harry Salter and Julian Smith is the current director of the series. It focuses on contestants as they have to identify a song based on hearing its tune played on the stage by a live band. On January 6th, 2021, the first season of the show premiered after a revival was ordered.

The season had 12 episodes and its contestants consisted of people from both USA and Australia. The third season was called Celebrity Name That Tune. Name That Tune Season 4 premiered on January 23rd, 2024. The executive producers of the show include Ralph Rubenstein, Noah Rubenstein, Sean O’Riordan, Shane Byrne, and Janine Cooper.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

Name That Tune Season 4 Episode 2 was called Bedazzled Boots & Frenemies and it was released on June 10th, 2024. This season is being hosted by Jane Krakowski and the episode was dominated by people who are not celebrities.

Unlike the previous season where celebrities played for cash to donate to charity, this season focuses back on regular people.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?
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The episode showcased Amy as well as another girl named Rebecca who were able to impress everyone with their guessing game. Amy was able to move to Golden Medley and bagged $58,000. She had guessed a song from Ed Sheeran and had really amazed people. Later, she got into a spin me around with Rebecca and the latter earned a thousand dollars after correctly guessing a song.

In the same round, Amy was able to guess a song by Queen as well as the 7 Rings song by Ariana Grande. As the round progressed, we saw Amy guessing more and more songs including DJ Khaled’s superhit track All I Do Is Win. Overall, it was a very entertaining episode.

What To Expect From Name That Tune Season 4 Episode 3?

Name That Tune Season 4 Episode 3 will continue to entertain the viewers with its quirky segments involving ordinary people with interesting personalities trying to guess songs. The prior episode showcased how Amy and Rebecca were able to guess so many songs and Amy also bagged the Golden Medley. The duo is the highlight of this season as their guessing game is on par with any other contestant on the show.

Name That Tune Season 4 Episode 3 will also focus on other contestants like Charles who had also guessed quite a few songs in the last episode. He plans to start a yoga school as well as a brewery. The standard of the tunes will get tougher and it will be harder for the contestants to guess the songs. Jane Krakowski and Randy Jackson will continue to be the stars of this season.

While Randy was on the first panel of judges of American Idol, Jane has been a part of several successful shows like 30 Rock, etc. Both will continue to motivate the contestants whenever they feel low and are unable to guess the songs.

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Do We Have A Release Date?

Name That Tune Season 4 Episode 3 will be released on Monday, June 17th, 2024 on Fox at 8 pm EST. If you miss it on television or you don’t possess cable, you can enjoy the episode on Hulu the next day as well as the streamer Fubo TV.

Do We Have A Release Date?
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Name That Tune has a long legacy as it has been going on for decades since the 1950s. The current version has made some changes and it has clicked with the younger generations. Name That Tune Season 4 Episode 3 will have many fun segments for everyone.

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