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Neal Brennan: Crazy Good Review – A Crazy Combination of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Neal Brennan: Crazy Good

Netflix is the place to go when you’re in the mood for a laugh, especially when you don’t have the bandwidth to search for a movie, check its reviews and ratings, make your popcorn, and then watch it. This is because Netflix is home to a range of stand-up comedy specials that are quick, funny, and have a lot going on for them, and Neal Brennan’s latest comedy special is no exception.

Neal Brennan: Crazy Good, which is now officially streaming on Netflix is truly crazy good, even though it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Keep reading our review of this latest comedy special, and we’ll help you decide whether you should stream Neal Brennan: Crazy Good, or skip it!

Something for Everybody…Almost

Every comedian has their own distinct style that sets them apart from the crowd, and it is more certainly important to have a variety of styles, which keeps the audiences hooked on to these specials, as opposed to the usual movie or TV series they may binge on.

So, when it comes to Neal Brennan: Crazy Good on Netflix, the audience will get the opportunity to witness an interesting style of comedy, and in addition to that, an interesting style of editing too.

Who knew that when it came to stand-up specials, comedians could do something unique with the sets and the editing which eventually landed on Netflix? Well, Neal Brennan knew it because on stage, he had color-changing backgrounds, and on his special, he used two unique elements that will come as pleasant surprise to everyone who watches. Brennan showcased just how a platform like Netflix can be used creatively, even if it’s for a stand-up comedy special.

Something for Everybody...Almost
Credit: Netflix

Brennan’s presence on stage is also truly one of a kind as he makes sure every little square of the stage is utilized by him, and he never once loses his energy. As much as we can praise all these additional elements, the success of Neal Brennan: Crazy Good boils down to the comedy, which also hit the right spot, several times.

Brennan’s sense of humor is dark, much like several other comedians, however, he truly takes it up a notch in his latest stand-up special, leaving no stone unturned, and does not censor himself.

In this special, Brennan talks about everything under the sun, from AI to crypto to religion to Tiger Woods to Joe Rogan to Elon Musk to Woody Allen…you name it, and Brennan has joked about it.

However, it is possible that Brennan’s sense of humor gets to a point where it is too dark to be appreciated by some people, however, the live audience appeared to love every second of it, and his success on Netflix might be directly proportionate to that.


Neal Brennan: Crazy Good on Netflix deserves a watch if you are a big fan of dark humor mixed with jokes about everything that is going on in the world at this moment. If you have watched Neal Brennan’s latest special, do let us know in the comments what you thought about it!