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Red Queen Season 2: Is It Happening? Everything We Know

Red Queen Season 2

Red Queen is a Spanish television series that was released on Amazon Prime Video in February 2024. The thriller series is directed by Koldo Serra and written by Amaya Muruzábal and Salvador Perpiñá. The series was released in Spain under its original title Reina Roja.

Red Queen Season 2
Credits: Prime Video

Upon its release, the series garnered a lot of love from audiences and critics for its gripping story, direction, and performances of the cast. Since then, the buzz around Red Queen Season 2 has been going really strong as fans don’t want the story to end. This article will clear all the speculations so read on.

What Is Red Queen All About?

Red Queen is adapted from the eponymous novel penned by Spanish journalist-writer Juan Gómez-Jurado. It tells the story of Antonia Scott (played by Vicky Luengo) who lives a simple life. The ward of a very rich family is killed and subsequently, the heiress from another influential family is abducted.

This chain of events makes her join hands with Jon Gutiérrez (Hovik Keuchkerian) who belongs to the Basque group. Both of them try to solve the murder and kidnapping cases that have instilled fear in the wealthy people of Madrid. Antonia uses her gifted skills to track down the person responsible for these acts.

How Did The Last Season End?

Red Queen Season One premiered on February 29th, 2024, and had seven episodes. They were written and directed by Koldo Serra, Julián de Tavira, Salvador Perpiñá and Amaya Muruzábal. Towards the end, we see the father of Antonia pointing a finger at her for the abduction of his son.

He also attempts to get her arrested by the cops. Luckily, she is helped by Jon Gutiérrez to escape. She then goes on to find her son with the help of his friends as well as his memory.

How Did The Last Season End?
Credits: Amazon

In the final episode titled A Mind (original Spanish title Una mente), we see the reunion of Antonia with Jon to save Carla and Jorge from a subway tunnel in the underground of the city. It consists of subway tunnels that are filled with many traps attached to explosives. However, the two go into a faceoff with They are at face-off with Ezequiel and Sandra along with an unknown nemesis who tries to stop them.

Is Red Queen Season 2 Happening?

Amazon Prime Video has not confirmed whether Red Queen Season 2 will happen or not. However, looking at the ending of the first season which had a cliffhanger, chances are really high for a second season to happen. Apart from that, the series is based on the first book of a trilogy of stories written by Juan Gómez-Jurado. So there are two books still left and many plot points for a follow-up season.

Besides that, there are a lot of mysteries and small plot points that were left in the previous season. The makers will be resolving all of them and trying every end that was loose.

The streaming platform and the makers will assess the viewership and response which has been mostly favorable before they come to a decision. Hopes and chances are really high for Red Queen Season 2 to actually happen since it has become a fan-favorite show in a very short time.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

Spanish actress Vicky Luengo will be returning as Antonia Scott who is the anchor of the entire story. Other important cast members who might also return are Hovik Keuchkerian (Jon Gutiérrez), Àlex Brendemühl (Mentor), Nacho Fresneda (Ezequiel), Emma Suárez (Laura Trueba), Eduardo Noriega (Jaume Soler) and Urko Olazabal (Parra) along with Celia Freijeiro (Carla Ortiz) among others.

Looking at the second book, we will also get to see some new actors since the story will have new characters.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
Credits: Elle


Red Queen managed to go beyond the limitation of its language and was enjoyed by non-Spanish-speaking audiences as well. This is mainly because of the impressive storytelling, incredible acting, and direction of the series.

It has received a lot of love from viewers from different countries who want to know more about the fate of all the main characters. Fans are eagerly waiting for the news surrounding Red Queen Season 2.

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