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Netflix’s Frankly Speaking Episode 5 Preview: Release Date and More

Frankly Speaking Episode 5 Preview

So far, so good is the best possible way to describe Frankly Speaking, which is one of Netflix’s latest K-dramas. The premise of Frankly Speaking revolves around the main character, Song Ki-baek, who is electrocuted, and after that, he can’t stop telling the truth. Growing up, Ki-baek was told that lying isn’t a bad thing, and now, things have changed for him drastically, along with the presence of On Woo-ju.

As of now, 4 episodes of Frankly Speaking have been released on the streaming platform and the latest episode ended on an absolute page-turner, so we’re just as excited for Frankly Speaking Episode 5 as you are! In this preview, we will give you a little glimpse of what you can look forward to when it comes to Frankly Speaking Episode 5.

What Happened in Frankly Speaking Episode 4?

Frankly Speaking, Episode 4 was one to look out for especially if you are a big fan of the brewing chemistry between Song Ki-baek and On Woo-ju because things have more certainly progressed between the two, and there are plenty of sparks flying.

In the latest episode, we witness Ki-baek living with his family after quitting the news channel and losing the apartment he was staying in. With this, we also see the family dynamics and it is evident that Ki-baek is the odd one out, but despite that, it helps give viewers a deeper insight into the character, and it also helps progress his relationship with Woo-ju who is the landlady’s daughter.

What Happened in Frankly Speaking Episode 4?
Credit: Netflix

Frankly Speaking Episode 4 has hinted at a potential love triangle, much like the previous episodes tried to establish after bringing in Woo-ju’s ex-boyfriend into the picture, but as it appears, Woo-ju is quite smitten with Ki-baek, and now that they’re going to start working together, things are only going to get more intense for the two.

What Can You Expect from Frankly Speaking Episode 5?

Frankly Speaking Episode 5 will almost be like a new chapter for the K-drama on Netflix and all the elements that have been a part of the series so far, will be taken up a notch, including romance, drama, and of course, comedy too.

On Woo-ju and Song Ki-baek spend a lot of screentime together in Frankly Speaking and that’s only about to increase in Frankly Speaking Episode 5 after Ki-baek helps motivate Woo-ju to pursue her ideas at work, and that only brings them together, in every way possible.

While things are getting intense between the two protagonists, there has to be a little thorn in the middle, and in this case, it is Woo-ju’s ex-boyfriend, who will also be working with them. Frankly Speaking Episode 5 will be filled with jealousy, connections, and a whole lot of honesty!

What Can You Expect from Frankly Speaking Episode 5?
Credit: Netflix

When and Where Can You Watch Frankly Speaking Episode 5?

Frankly Speaking Episode 5 will be available to stream exclusively on Netflix on May 16, 2024, followed by Episode 6 on May 17.


If you have become a fan of Frankly Speaking, then do let us know in the comments what you’re looking forward to most when it comes to this particular K-drama!