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Not Dead Yet Season 3: Is It Happening? Everything We Know So Far

Not Dead Yet

“Not Dead Yet” follows Nell Stevens, a recently unmarried and financially strapped lady trying to breathe new life into her dull existence. After accepting a job writing obituaries, she meets an unusual mentor who gives her unexpected life advice. The show follows Nell as she travels through life’s unexpected turns to regain her career and find her true calling.

What Is Happening On Not Dead Yet?

In “Not Dead Yet”, Haunted by the restless ghosts of her two deceased business partners, Nell became engrossed in writing obituaries for them. She ran into TJ during the mayhem, who was working on urgent sports-related stories. Their reunion aroused curiosity in one other, especially as they connected over professional dynamics and boundaries, especially about Lexi’s private life.

Nell feared what would happen to their working relationship if she confronted Lexi about her worries, even if TJ encouraged her to do so. But there was no denying that TJ and Nell were becoming more and more of a link than each could ignore after their first meeting.

When Lexi’s obsessive messages caused her relationship with Edward to fall apart, Nell chose to keep a respectful distance and let them work through their problems on their own. Nell finally stepped in, worried about Lexi’s safety, and asked Edward to talk to her directly.

However, a disagreement resulted from Edward’s annoyance with Lexi’s job revelations. Lexi and Edward agreed that limits were necessary, despite their disagreements, and they asked Nell to assist them.

What Is Happening On Not Dead Yet?
Credits: ABC

Nell felt wrongfully accused, but she decided to respect their requests even if she was confused by their request. Nevertheless, she was comforted by their attempts at communication and accepted their choice.

Lexi’s offer of Nell a stay at the Waldorf Astoria as a thank-you marked the end of this “Not Dead Yet” episode. Lexi’s generosity and underlying concern for Nell were made clear by this gesture, which led to a renewed understanding of her self-centeredness. Lexi accepted Nell’s kind recommendation to book the free stay for herself and Edward, demonstrating the friends’ growing affection for one another.

Are We Getting Another Season?

As the recent season 2 progresses, ABC has not yet approved the third season of “Not Dead Yet”. The network probably holds off on renewing until it’s certain the show will continue to be popular after its first season, even with steady viewership estimates.

Soon after the end of season 1, season 2 was announced, implying a similar format for season 3. But, ABC may decide to renew the show in the middle of the season if viewership figures skyrocket.

What To Expect From It?

Even though the story in “Not Dead Yet” is a little episodic, some themes—like Nell’s continuous search for a committed relationship—remain. Season 3 is expected to explore her amorous pursuits in greater detail in addition to the possible job achievements that were alluded to in Season 2.

What To Expect From It?
Credits: ABC

The consequences of these life adjustments can be the main focus of the next season. Viewers can anticipate that Nell will keep interacting with the phantom obituary topics despite the main plot, upholding the distinctive and captivating idea that distinguishes the series.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

In “Not Dead Yet,” the ensemble group will most likely be the same, giving viewers a sense of familiarity and continuity. Gina Rodriguez, well-known for “Jane the Virgin,” excels in her role as Nell Serrano, the main character. Sam benefits from Hannah Simone, who you may know from “New Girl,” and her comedic skills.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
Credits: ABC

Lauren Ash, who won praise for her work in “Superstore,” gives Lexi more nuance. In “Undateable,” Rick Glassman also plays the mysterious Edward. The actor Joshua Banday, who starred in “The Mindy Project,” plays Dennis. Angela E. Gibbs, who has been in “The Bernie Mac Show,” plays Cricket, and Brad Garrett, who is well-known from “Everybody Loves Raymond,” plays Duncan Rhodes.


As “Not Dead Yet” continues to captivate audiences with its blend of humour and heart, fans eagerly await news of a potential third season. With its engaging characters and unique premise, the show promises to deliver more laughs and heartfelt moments in the episodes to come. As viewers anticipate the renewal decision from ABC, they can look forward to further exploration of Nell’s journey and the continued interactions with the ghostly obituary subjects that set the series apart.

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