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Wrong Side of The Tracks Season 4: Is It Confirmed? Everything We Know

Wrong side of the tracks

Wrong Side of the Tracks is a Spanish television series in the drama genre. It was created by David Bermejo and stars actors like José Coronado, Nona Sobo, and Luis Zahera. Upon its season, the series went on to become a major success and it was followed by two more seasons.

Wrong Side of The Tracks Season 4
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Ever since the third season concluded, fans of Wrong Side of the Tracks have been wondering whether they will get to see season 4. If you also looking for some answers on the same, this article is for you.

What Is Wrong Side of the Tracks All About?

Wrong Side of the Tracks takes place in Entrevías, which is considered to be the poorest neighborhood in the city of Madrid, the capital of Spain. It chronicles an ex-military officer named Tirso Abantos (played by José Coronado) who now operates a store where he sells hardware stuff.

What Is Wrong Side of the Tracks All About?
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He has also adopted a grandaughter named Irene who has roots in Vietnam. She is a bit rebellious in nature and often goes into loggerheads with him.

Things change rapidly when she decides to sell and trade heroin from a dangerous drug dealer named Sandro Salazar Campos (played by Franky Martín) along with her boyfriend Nelson who is an immigrant from Columbia. They plan to sell all the drugs to the crimelord and then run off together to get married.

But, things do not go as planned and Sandro, accompanied by his goons, rapes her. Subsequently, Tirso joins hands with Ezequiel Fandiño (played by Luis Zahera) who is a corrupt cop in order to face Sandro and his team.

What Happened In The Previous Season?

The first season premiered on February 1st, 2022, and concluded on March 22nd. A second season took place on March 29th of the same year and ended on May 17th. A third season was commissioned and it premiered on October 10th, 2023.

The finale aired on November 28th. All three seasons consisted of eight episodes. While the first season aired on the Spanish TV channel Telecinco, the second and third seasons premiered on Netflix.

What Happened In The Previous Season?
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Towards the end of the third season, due to the weapons of Ezequel, the criminals are able to access the apartments used for their drug operations. Tirso testifies against police officer Amanda Martos after which his daughter Jimena Abantos leaves. Meanwhile, Ducle is offered the area of Entrevias if she agrees to eliminate Ezequiel. A rift between Irene and Nelson wides further as the story progresses.

In the final episode, as Jimena and Amanda prepare for their wedding, the murder of Tente takes place. Subsequently, Ezequiel finds out that he might end up in prison once again. As he tries to be a free man, he tries to tie all loose ends with Romero and Dulce.

Is Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 4 Happening?

So far, there is no official confirmation from the makers of Wrong Side of the Tracks. But luckily we have an update that was dropped by one of its cast members, Miguel Angel Jiménez. On February 26th, 2024, he dropped a series of pictures from the show on his Instagram.

As he interacted with his fans, one user asked him: “Will there be a season four?” In response, the actor wrote in Spanish which translates to, “Of course.” When the fan wished to be a part of the series, the actor revealed that it had been already recorded.

In January 2024, Mediaset España as well as José Coronado also indicated that the show had finished filming. While they didn’t mention if they were talking about a third or fourth season, fans speculate that it was the fourth season.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

We can expect the principal cast of Wrong Side of the Tracks to return for the fourth season. This includes José Coronado (who plays Tirso Abantos), and Luis Zahera (who plays Ezequiel Fandiño) will return. Nona Sobo Who plays Tirso’s young daughter Irene Sánchez Abantos along with Felipe Londoño (who plays her boyfriend Nelson Gutiérrez) are also expected to make a comeback.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
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The character of Tente and Nata played by María de Nati won’t be returning as they were killed in the previous season. Apart from them, Laura Ramos (Gladys), Manolo Caro (Sanchís), Manuel Tallafé as (Pepe), Itziar Atienza (Amanda Martos).

What Can We Expect From Fourth Season?

The third season of Wrong Side of the Tracks left many questions unanswered. One of the biggest revelations was the introduction of Dulce who plans to become a big name in the underworld realm of Madrid. In the upcoming season, we might get to see her rise to the top due to her massive ambitions. The major storyline might revolve around her in the follow-up season with several possibilities.


Wrong Side of the Tracks has been able to generate a massive number of fan followers due to its content. The show’s gritty portrayal of the streets of Madrid has struck a chord with the viewers. The same location, which has only been exoticized by Hollywood, gets real in this story of crime and greed. All the characters in the series are rooted and elevate the series to a different level with their acting chops.

Almost every episode is filled with scenes that have thrills, suspense, and twists that will keep you hooked till the credits roll. Apart from the surface-level drama, the series also explores some really interesting themes such as the generation gap, corruption, modern-day policing methods and poverty. All these qualities make Wrong Side of the Tracks a fulfilling and entertaining show throughout.

Right after the third season ended, fans have been waiting eagerly for the fourth season to drop. The update around it has generated a lot of excitement and we cannot wait for the season to release. The series is particularly enjoyable for those who enjoy crime stories.

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