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Obliterated Season 2 Cancelled? Everything We Know So Far

The series, Obliterated, follows a special forces squad that, thinking they had saved Las Vegas from impending disaster, celebrates too soon before realising the device they thought they had neutralised was a ruse. To avert catastrophe, they have to find the genuine bomb in a fog of drunkenness, face their demons, and navigate through their limitations.

Obliterated Season 2
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Driven by alcohol, drugs, and unforeseen obstacles, the group sets out on a daring and dangerous quest to rescue the planet while causing mayhem among themselves. Is the second season of Obliterated cancelled? Let’s see.

What Is The Show About?

The eight-part series, which was created by Josh Heald, Hayden Schlossberg, and Jon Hurwitz, explores the catastrophic fallout after a special forces unit believes it has neutralised a significant danger to Las Vegas.

The squad awakens to the startling realisation that the bomb they disarmed was only a decoy after a wild celebration that included drugs, booze, and revelry.

What Is The Show About?
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Now, the drunken and confused group must set off on a new mission in a race against time to find the real bomb before disaster hits. The stakes are higher than ever, and to win, they have to work through their inner disarray and overcome unanticipated challenges.

Will There Be A Season 2 Of Obliterated?

The action-comedy series Obliterated Season 2 on Netflix was cancelled after just one season, which is oddly appropriate given the show’s title. Now considered the unexpected series finale, the first season finale of the show debuted on November 30 along with the remaining episodes.

Just two months after the show’s premiere, in January 2024, Netflix announced that Obliterated would be cancelled. Netflix frequently takes into account viewership data, production costs, and consistency with their broader content strategy when making choices like this, even though the precise reasons for the cancellation are yet unknown.

Who Was In The Cast?

The ensemble cast of Obliterated boasts a lineup of talented actors, each bringing their unique flair to the screen. Shelley Hennig shines as Ava Winters, leading the charge with charisma and depth.

Alongside her, Nick Zano delivers a compelling performance as Chad McKnight, adding layers of complexity to his character. Terrence Terrell commands attention as Trunk, while Paola Lázaro injects passion and intensity into the role of Angela Gomez. Kimi Rutledge captivates as Maya Lerner, while Eugene Kim brings gravitas to the character of Paul Yung.

Who Was In The Cast?
Credits: Netflix

With seasoned actors like C Thomas Howell as Haggerty and Virginia Madsen as Marge, the cast is rounded out with depth and experience. From the eccentricities of Lori Petty’s Crazy Susan to the intensity of Clive Standen’s Liam, each actor contributes to the dynamic energy of the series.

How Did The Series End?

At the end of Obliterated, Ava Winters and her elite group of soldiers triumph after a terrifying evening filled with obstacles and doubts. The series ends with the squad continuing their interrupted celebration after the greatest threat to American soil has been neutralised.

In the eight episodes, Ava and McKnight encounter many challenges and disappointments, but in the end, they find comfort in one another’s arms and consummate their relationship.

How Did The Series End?
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The last moments depict a team dynamic and a sense of stability among the members, who appear to have grown from their previous experiences and are now responsibly having fun.

They celebrate their well-earned win with a sense of closure and hope for the difficulties that lie ahead, serving as a reminder that duty may call again but for the time being, they can enjoy their well-earned happiness.


Unfortunately, it seems that the journey of Obliterated has come to an abrupt end with Netflix’s decision to cancel the series after just one season. Despite the show’s intriguing premise and talented ensemble cast, the cancellation leaves fans wondering about the fate of their favourite characters and the unresolved plotlines. With its action-packed storyline and dynamic characters, Obliterated had the potential for further exploration and development in future seasons.

However, the decision to end the series prematurely highlights the unpredictable nature of the entertainment industry. While fans may be disappointed by the cancellation, they can still appreciate the excitement and camaraderie portrayed throughout the show’s eight episodes.

As we bid farewell to Obliterated, we can only hope that its legacy will endure and that its talented cast and crew will continue to shine in future endeavours.

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