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Our Little Secret Netflix: Everything We Know So Far

In “Our Little Secret,” Lindsay Lohan, the renowned Mean Girls heroine, tackles a holiday plot full of surprising turns. Her character, who was expecting to avoid the usual mayhem of the holidays, grudgingly finds herself involved in the one situation she was seeking to avoid: a week-long vacation with her ex-boyfriend.

Our Little Secret

The tale takes an unexpected turn when the quarrelling ex-couple discovers an unhappy little secret, while they struggle to spend Christmas together. Now that they are compelled to live together, they have to face their history and figure out how to put up with one another during the Christmas season. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the movie now.

What Is The Movie Our Little Secret About?

A special holiday quandary is explored in Lindsay Lohan’s new film, which is now in production and is one of her two-picture contracts with Netflix. The plot revolves around two ex-partners who are forced to spend Christmas together because they are still angry. The plot surprise occurs when they learn that the people they are now in love with are actually their siblings, forcing them to meet for the holidays.

The film, which is executive produced by Joseph P. Genier and is produced by Mike Elliott and Lisa Gooding, promises a mix of unexpected challenges and humour as the individuals work through the complexity of their interwoven relationships.

What Is The Movie Our Little Secret About?

This project comes after Lohan and Netflix worked together on the holiday romantic comedy “Falling for Christmas,” which starred Chord Overstreet. Recently, Lohan’s varied career has included starring roles in a number of productions, including the horror film “Among the Shadows” and the British dark comedy series “Sick Note,” in addition to a cameo in Paramount’s adaptation of the Mean Girls musical.

Through her continued endeavours, Lohan captivates audiences with each new production while showcasing her acting talent in a variety of genres.

Who Stars In It?

A strong group of performers will be appearing alongside Lindsay Lohan in the ensemble cast of the upcoming Netflix movie, which is a part of her two-picture contract. Along with Ian Harding, Jon Rudnitsky, Chris Parnell, Tim Meadows, Dan Bucatinsky, Henry Czerny, Katie Baker, Ash Santos, Jake Brennan, and Brian Unger, the cast also features the talented and well-known Kristin Chenoweth.

Who Stars In It?

This varied cast of performers gives the movie depth and charm, making it a vibrant and captivating on-screen presence. With their combined skills, the ensemble promises to bring the holiday story’s complexities—which are full of humour and surprising turns—to life as the characters negotiate the challenges of relationships throughout the holiday season. Excitement is high for the chemistry and narrative skills this group will bring to the screen as the movie moves into production.

Do We Have A Release Date?

The release date of the movie is still unknown to the public, which keeps them curious about it. The fact that photography is already underway indicates that fans won’t have to wait too long for a glimpse into the highly anticipated project, even though the details are still their little secret.

Do We Have A Release Date?

The mystique around the movie starts to lift as the cameras roll, and excitement grows for the final reveal of the on-screen magic that Lindsay Lohan and the outstanding ensemble are producing. Fans of films should not worry, as the project is currently in full production and will soon be unveiled, providing a sneak glimpse at the compelling story and performances that lie ahead.


Lindsay Lohan’s “Our Little Secret” promises to be a captivating addition to her filmography, featuring a holiday plot brimming with unexpected twists and a stellar ensemble cast.

The film, forming part of Lohan’s two-picture deal with Netflix, explores a unique holiday dilemma as two ex-partners find themselves entangled in a week-long Christmas vacation, discovering a surprising and challenging secret about their current romantic interests.

Executive-produced by Joseph P. Genier and produced by Mike Elliott and Lisa Gooding, the movie is poised to deliver a blend of humour and unforeseen complications, adding a fresh perspective to holiday-themed films.

While the release date remains unknown, the fact that production is already underway heightened anticipation, and fans can look forward to a glimpse of the project soon.

The air of mystery surrounding “Our Little Secret” only adds to the intrigue, and as the cameras continue to roll, excitement builds for the eventual unveiling of the on-screen magic crafted by Lindsay Lohan and the exceptional ensemble.

Movie enthusiasts can anticipate a delightful holiday treat as the project progresses towards its reveal, promising a compelling story and memorable performances.

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