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Is Outer Banks Season 4 Cancelled? Everything We Know

Outer Banks is an American teen drama series on Netflix that also touches upon genres like action-adventure and mystery. Upon its release in the year 2020, the series met with mostly positive response from both critics and audiences alike. Its success was followed by a second and a third season that was released in the years 2021 and 2023 respectively.

Is Outer Banks Season 4 Cancelled?
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Right after the third season dropped, fans were intrigued to know more about the fourth season and whether it will happen or not. If are also wondering if season 4 was canceled, this article will answer your question so read on.

What Is Outer Banks All About?

Outer Banks Season 4 is set in the Outer Banks, which is a string of islands in North Carolina, United States of America. The story focuses on a community in the region and the conflict between a group of teenagers. Both groups are looking for a treasure that is deemed lost.

The divide between the extremely rich folks and the working class people is also explored in it. While the rick are given the nickname of Kooks, the working class are known as Pogues. As the story progresses, we focus on a group of teenagers who are Pogues and they live in The Cut region. They are trying to find out about the details of John B (Chase Stokes)’s father who went missing. John serves as the ringleader of the group.

Later on, we find out about a treasure that is hidden somewhere in the region, and it’s worth a whopping $400 million. Things take a turn when the group finds out that there is a connection between the treasure and John’s missing father.

What Happened In The Previous Season?

In the first season, John and his team members are able to find out the gold that is from the shipwreck of Royal Merchant. However, they soon realize that they are not alone in pursuing the treasure. But they’re not the only ones looking for the ships. Ward Cameron (played by Charles Esten), as well as the father of Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline), are also looking to access the hidden treasure.

What Happened In The Previous Season?
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Towards the end of the first season, Cameron holds John responsible for the shocking death of Sheriff Peterkin. In reality, it was his son Rafe who had murdered the Sheriff. John is now on the watchlist of the cops for a crime he did not commit. We also see John and Sara going toward Mexico. Post the wreckage of their ship, the duo ends up in the Bahamas where the crew of the boat plan to turn John in to authorities for the bounty money.

They somehow manage to escape and later on, Sarah steals gold from Ward and is shot by her own brother. Luckily, she survives. In Outer Banks, Pope (played by Jonathan Daviss) is told about the treasure from Carla Limbrey (Elizabeth Mitchell). He also finds out about his backstory and connection with the Royal. He then decides to retrieve a cross from the Camerons.

On their way home, John and Sara also tie the knot in an unofficial ceremony. However, he is slapped with the death penalty over the Sheriff’s murder. There are also interesting twists and turns later in the season. This includes Ward faking his own death with the help of scuba gear during an explosion.

Meanwhile, Sara is also kidnapped by her family for going against them. However, she is rescued later on by them only. The biggest shocker comes towards the end as we realize that John B’s father, who was missing all along and was presumed dead, is actually alive.

Is Outer Banks Season 4 Happening?

Right before the third season premiered on Netflix in February 2023, the makers of Outer Banks were renewed for a fourth season. The fourth season will witness the escalation of tension between the Kooks and the Pogues. The biggest twist, John’s father being alive, will be further explored in the follow-up and we can see the father continuing his masterplan.

Is Outer Banks Season 4 Happening?
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The creators of the series, Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke had earlier stated that the series might be stretched to four or five seasons. However, now they have scrapped the plan. Pate has stated that they will extend the shows to more seasons. He stated that the story has the potential to go to 17 seasons.

Do We Have A Release Date?

So far, no. Netflix has not announced the release date of Outer Banks Season 4. Luckily, they have revealed that it will be released sometime in the year 2024. While the first season premiered in 2020, the second and third ones dropped in 2021 and 2023. So it’s convenient that the follow-up drops in 2024.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

In the upcoming season we can expect the main members of the Pogues gang. This includes actors like Chase Stokes (John B), Madelyn Cline (Sarah Cameron), Madison Bailey (Kiara), Jonathan Daviss (Pope), Rudy Pankow (JJ) and Austin North (Topper) as well as Charles Esten (Ward Cameron).

Apart from them, other actors like Drew Starkey (Rafe Cameron), Elizabeth Mitchell (Limbrey) and Carlacia Grant (Cleo) are also expected to return to the ensemble cast. Apart from them, there are new faces including J. Anthony Crane, Pollyanna McIntosh, Brianna Brown, Rigo Sanchez, and Mia Challis.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
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Outer Banks is an interesting web series that explores a topic revolving around a hidden treasure. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The story actually touches upon the issues of class divide as well as the economic divide in our society and the rift created because of it. Through the lens of teenagers, we get to see an engaging and entertaining story involving disappearance, deaths, treasure hunt,s and other things.

What makes Outer Banks different is its subject matter of treasure hunting which seems like an allegory for issues like greed and power among other things. All three seasons of the show have been well-received and have created a strong fan base over the years. Fans are now eagerly waiting for the fourth season.

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