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Palm Royale Episode 7 Review: Mayhem at the Funeral

Palm Royale

Palm Royale is reaching its end on Apple TV+, which could only mean that things are about to get crazier, and the most recent episode, aka Episode 7 is proof of that. Last week, Kristen Wiig made an appearance on SNL and reminded her fans of just how funny she is as an actress, and in any given role. Following that performance, we got to witness Wiig take on the role of Maxine in Palm Royale and it was a hoot and a half!

Palm Royale Episode 7 mostly revolves around Skeet’s funeral who died in Episode 6 and if you thought that a funeral could only make you sad, then this episode will completely change your mind. There’s utter chaos at the funeral as the plot continues to thicken and the story unfolds. In this review, we will explore more of what worked, and what didn’t for Palm Royale Episode 7.

One Wedding and a Funeral

Palm Royale Episode 7 on Apple TV+ opens with Maxine and Douglas’ wedding in the late 1940s, and it is a shotgun wedding in Vegas! As the couple exchange their vows, there’s a subtle punchline using the word “shotgun” after which the episode cuts to the funeral, where the viewers see Norma in a car, holding a revolver. This was a brilliant use of puns and showcased the cheesy yet excellent writing in the series as a whole.

One Wedding and a Funeral
Credit: Apple TV+

A lot is happening in Palm Royale Episode 7, and the funeral almost seems like a party, with next to no one actually mourning the loss of Skeet, as everyone is too busy with their agendas. Robert, for example, continues to ignite the spark with the Prince, and also tells Maxine and Linda that he is seeing someone, but doesn’t tell them who it is.

Nevertheless, later in the episode, Maxine, along with Norma in the wheelchair, walks in on Robert and the Prince, so by the looks of it, the cat’s out of the bag. Albeit, with Norma’s limited speech and Maxine being Robert’s friend, the secret might continue to be safe.

Palm Royale Episode 7 Review
Credit: Apple TV+

Palm Royale Episode 7 gave most of the characters something to work with, whether it was Linda, Douglas, Robert, Norma, Evelyn, or even Mary Jones, which might come as a shocker, as the focus has finally shifted a little from Maxine. All those who are fans of Maxine don’t have to worry, because she gets plenty of screen time in this episode filled with drama, chaos, and new antics.

Our only worry for Palm Royale remains that this series has introduced far too many subplots to actually be able to tie all the loose ends in the remaining episodes of the series. However, only time will tell if it all pans out well, or if the viewers will have to wait for another season to get the ending that they deserve.


Palm Royale continues to present itself as a breezy drama comedy, however, things are certainly getting more tense as the season nears its end. Keep a lookout for our review on the next episode of Palm Royale on Apple TV+.

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