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Perfect Match Season 2 Cast: Who Is In It?

Perfect Match Season 2 Cast

Lately, there has been an explosion of television shows that deal with reality dating. There have been many names that have been successful and Perfect Match is one of them. The series started out on February 2023 and clicked with viewers. Since then, they have been demanding Perfect Match Season 2.

There is also buzz among viewers surrounding the Perfect Match Season 2 Cast as they want to know who will be starring in the upcoming season. So let us take a look at each of the contestants selected for this season.

What Is Perfect Match All About?

Chris Coelen has created Perfect Match and it is presented by Nick Lachey. The series consists of contestants from different Netflix dating shows as they make pairs and compete in all kinds of challenges.

All of them reach a tropical villa where try to match and make a couple for themselves. They have to face compatibility challenges and the ones who win, finally get a chance to go on a date. They also get the power to pick two new single people.

After the people dating come back, everyone will have to match once again. By the end of every night, someone who is devoid of a match will be asked to leave. Towards the end, only one couple will be in the match.

Perfect Match Season 2 Cast

Perfect Match Season 2 Cast includes names like Harry Jowsey who is from Australia. The 27-year-old is an alumnus of Too Hot To Handle Season 1. The second contestant is Alara Taneri who hails from Wales. The 24-year-old appeared in Dated and Related series 1 and also works as a fashion designer. Bryton Constantin is another contestant and he hails from South Carolina. He had appeared in Squid Game: The Challenge series one.

Perfect Match Season 2 Cast
Credits: Netflix

Micah Lussier is the fourth contestant of Perfect Match Season 2. Aged 28, she is from Seattle and she appeared on Love Is Blind season 4. The fifth entry is Nigel Jones who is also from Too Hot To Handle season 4.

Brittan Byrd belongs to Hawaii and is 23. Just like Nigel, she is also an alumnus of Too Hot To Handle season 4. Jake Cunningham is an alumnus of The Ultimatum: Marry of Move On Season 1 and is from Texas. While Tolú Ekundare is from The Trust Season 1, Justin Assada comes from Surviving Paradise Season 1. Melinda Melrose is a 31-year-old New Yorker who appeared in Too Hot to Handle Season 2 as well as Dated & Related Season 1.

  • Trevor Sova (Love Is Blind Season 6),
  • Jessica Vestal (Love Is Blind Season 6),
  • Stevan Ditter (Too Hot to Handle Season 3),
  • Holly Scarfone (Too Hot to Handle Season 3),
  • Izzy Zapata (Love Is Blind Season 5),
  • Elys Hutchinson (Too Hot To Handle season 5),
  • Chris Hahn (Dated & Related season 1),
  • Xanthi Perdikomatis (The Circle season 5),
  • Dominique Defoe (Too Hot To Handle season 4),
  • Kaz Bishop (Dated & Related series 1),

Christine Obanor (Too Hot To Handle season 5) and Dom Gabriel has been a part of shows like The Mole Season 1 and Perfect Match Season 1.

More About Perfect Match Season 2

Perfect Match Season 2 will be released in three batches on Netflix. The first batch will start on June 7th and it will consist of six episodes. The second batch will be on June 14th and it will have three more episodes. The third and final batch will air on June 21st and it will have the 10th and finale episode of the show.


Perfect Match is a much-loved dating reality show from Netflix that has become successful thanks to the uniqueness of its concept. The contestants of the maiden season were really interesting and now fans are gearing up for Perfect Match Season 2.

There are some exciting developments around this season and now we have revealed the Perfect Match Season 2 cast which has increased the hype around it.

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