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Physical: 100 Season 2 Episodes 1 to 4 Review – Grander, Tougher and Better

Physical: 100 Season 2 Episodes 1 to 4

The second season of Netflix’s Korean reality series is officially here, and yes we are talking about Physical: 100. This reality series gained a lot of popularity after the first season following the uniqueness mixed with some tough competition that would make anyone want to watch it, and sometimes, even want to participate in it because of the adrenaline rush and this season of Physical: 100 is no different.

Unlike most fictional shows, Netflix has currently released only the first four episodes of this reality series and it certainly helps with the anticipation of what’s about to happen next. We couldn’t help but binge the episodes and are here to review them.

So, keep reading this article to know our thoughts about Physical: 100 so far, and whether we think you should stream it or skip it.

The Challenges Get Tougher in Physical: 100 Season 2

Physical: 100 Season 2 takes it up a few notches higher as compared to the first season and there’s no doubt about that. The first episode of the latest season of Physical: 100 starts off strong with the introduction of all the contestants. Of course, because of just how many there are, it is harder to keep up, but once you watch the first episode, you might just have a favorite or two that you will root for.

In this season of Physical: 100, there are people from all walks of life, all genders, and all shapes and sizes, which continues to make this reality series a lot more interesting, and keeps the momentum up.

The first challenge was on a treadmill, and frankly, just watching the challenge made us sweat, because, with the speed and just how fast all contestants ran, it truly was a visual worth watching. The first challenge also made it more than obvious that this season will be bigger and better than the first one, and the next three episodes continue to prove that.

The Challenges Get Tougher in Physical: 100 Season 2
Credit: Netflix

There were some team challenges, and some one-on-one challenges that will keep you hooked that by the fourth episode, you will definitely have a favorite, and if that’s the case, we would love to know who they are.

As Physical: 100 continues, the challenges are going to get a lot more rigorous which also means that there will be more eliminations, and the anticipation for the same will continue to increase, and we hope that you are excited for the future episodes just as much as we are.


If you like watching reality series, especially one with a physical element to it, then Physical: 100, as the title suggests is the one for you, and Season 2 is just getting started. The next set of episodes of Physical: 100 will be released exclusively on Netflix from March 26.

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