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Frankly Speaking Episode 12 Review: A Wholesome Ending for A Wholesome K-Drama

Frankly Speaking Episode 12

Netflix’s K-drama, Frankly Speaking, starring Kang Han-na and Go Kyung-pyo has finally come to an end after 12 splendid episodes. This series revolves around the protagonist, Song Ki-baek, who begins telling nothing but the truth after he is electrocuted during a power cut. While this particular plot line showed up every now and then, the ongoing plot was focused on the character development of Ki-baek, and how he has evolved since.

Joining Ki-baek in Frankly Speaking is On Woo-ju, his love interest. Together, both of them grew in every way possible, and the ending of their story will be remembered for a long time. Their romance was the perfectly innocent slow burn that K-dramas simply know how to do so well.

Sadly, after 12 episodes, Frankly Speaking has come to an end, and in this review, we will talk a little more about the season finale!

Song Ki-baek and On Woo-ju’s Happily Ever After

Frankly Speaking Episode 12 finally had answers to the biggest cliffhanger that was presented to the viewers in this K-drama. After the unfortunate accident, Song Ki-baek’s mother was unconscious for the longest time, and Frankly Speaking did a brilliant job of keeping the suspense intact. However, everyone can finally breathe as Ki-baek’s mother regains consciousness in the final episode, and thus follows an incredibly emotional scene.

Song Ki-baek and On Woo-ju's Happily Ever After
Credit: Netflix

As a series, Frankly Speaking is for anyone and everyone. It can be watched and enjoyed by viewers of all ages, and the season finale is proof of that. There was something for everyone in this episode, and most importantly, all the character arcs that started in this series, whether from Episode 1 or somewhere in the middle, were all completed. This is something not every series can accomplish, but Frankly Speaking did so, and did it beautifully.

Frankly Speaking Episode 12
Credit: Netflix

Episode 12, aka the season finale, focused on giving every character the happy ending that they deserved, but of course, our favorite one was Ki-baek and On Woo-ju’s ending. It doesn’t matter how many episodes of this K-drama you have watched, you will always find yourself rooting for Ki-baek and Woo-ju, because both these characters complement each other in the best way possible.

Admittedly, their ending was a bit of a shocker, but in the best way possible. Ki-baek finally got down on one knee and proposed to his universe, Woo-ju. It was equal parts emotional, wholesome, and romantic, which sums this couple up. Overall, Frankly Speaking Episode 12 ticked all the boxes for a successful season finale, and we could have only hoped this wasn’t the last of the season.

Ki-baek and On Woo-ju
Credit: Netflix


Frankly Speaking is everyone’s cup of tea with plenty of laughter, romance, and a sprinkle of family drama. If you are contemplating streaming this series, this review would be the final push you need to hit the play button!

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