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Presumed Innocent Episode 6 Review: Trial Continues With a Shocking Plot Twist

Presumed Innocent Episode 6

Presumed Innocent on Apple TV+ starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard, Ruth Negga, Bill Camp, Renate Reinsve, O-T Fagbenle, Chase Infiniti, and Kingston Rumi Southwick has reached Episode 6, and by the looks of it, this series isn’t holding back when it comes to presenting the viewers with plot twists and shocking cliffhangers.

Episode 6 of Presumed Innocent is one of the better-constructed episodes of the series so far, and had a lot more to offer than the previous episode, making it stand out, in a good way, of course.

While Gyllenhaal continues to deliver great performances in every episode, plenty of credit must go to Sarsgaard and Camp who were the stars of this latest episode. In this review, we will explore a few more details, and there will be some spoilers ahead!

What’s Next for Rusty Sabich?

When it comes to a crime drama, and there is a trial involved, there is no doubt that the trial quickly becomes the more interesting part of the series, and that’s exactly what we have been witnessing on Presumed Innocent, and the trend continues in Episode 6.

While there are several pieces to the puzzle, the trial serves as the most important and engaging piece, all thanks to two characters in particular – Tommy Molto and Raymond Horgan played by Peter Sarsgaard and Bill Camp respectively.

What's Next for Rusty Sabich?
Credit: Apple TV+

The two men are going head to head in the case of Carolyn Polhemus’ murder as Raymond defends his client and best friend, Rusty Sabich. The previous episode ended with the reality dawning upon Rusty that maybe winning this case wasn’t going to be as easy as he thought, and Presumed Innocent Episode 6 is yet another proof of that.

The entire episode has some important turning points, and one of the many highlights is the crumbling marriage of Rusty and Barbara. At a time when they should be closer, at least for the jury, they are only moving further apart.

Barbara also confessed to kissing another man, angering Rusty to the point where she felt terror from her own husband, and once again, this wasn’t helping Rusty’s case.

Presumed Innocent Episode 6
Credit: Apple TV+

It is almost a little confusing at points, trying to figure out whether or not Presumed Innocent wants us to side with Rusty, or be convinced that he was the one who murdered Carolyn, but this confusion actually helps viewers be more engaged in the plot. And, it is safe to say that matters aren’t getting easier for Rusty, not even remotely so.

Presumed Innocent Episode 6 ends with Raymond questioning Carolyn’s son on the stand, and in the next moment, Raymond was on the floor, no pulse in sight, no matter how hard Rusty tried to help his best friend and the one person who could get him out of the mess.

This has easily been the biggest cliffhanger of the series so far, and things can only get better from here, or so one can hope.

Raymond questioning Carolyn's son
Credit: Apple TV+


There’s plenty more to look forward to when it comes to Presumed Innocent on Apple TV+, so make sure you keep a lookout on our website and don’t miss out on any of our reviews and previews!

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