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The Big Door Prize Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Chaotic, Hilarious, and Everything In Between

The Big Door Prize Season 2 Episode 7 Review

When it comes to The Big Door Prize Season 2, it has been more about the people of Deerfield as opposed to the Morpho machine, which still continues to be in the background, offering visions to the character who becomes the main part of the particular episode. In the case of Episode 7, it is none other than Izzy, who has been more or less absent for a good chunk of episodes in The Big Door Prize Season 2.

The Big Door Prize Season 2 Episode 7 is filled with some drama, and a whole lot of character growth, which has been visible in the previous episodes of this season too, and has proved to work well for the characters and the overall storyline. In this review, we will dive a little deeper into the details of Episode 7 and what you can look forward to.

A Different Side of Izzy in Episode 7

More often than not, we have seen Izzy through Cass’ point of view, as the not-so-great mother. However, it was finally time for the viewers to see Izzy as an individual in her element, and The Big Door Prize Season 2 Episode 7 does exactly that, and it is a shockingly nice surprise.

The episode opens and closes with Izzy, which puts her in the center of it all as she prepares herself for her date with Mr. Johnson’s physical therapist, Freya.

A Different Side of Izzy in Episode 7
Credit: Apple TV+

We can sense that Izzy is a little unsure of herself, but despite that, she takes the plunge and prepones her date with Freya. While that’s one storyline of Episode 7, on the other side of the town, Dusty has moved out of his home after his discussion with Cas, and is now living with Georgio and Nat instead, because where else would he even go?

In this episode, we also see that Dusty has not only parted ways with Cass for the time being but has also become distant from his daughter. Distant enough that he doesn’t know of Trina getting her driver’s license and driving herself to school.

In fact, he also decides to ride with her to school in this episode, and Trina’s displeasure towards her father is evident. Sadly, Dusty and Cass have no scenes together in The Big Door Prize Season 2 Episode 7.

The Big Door Prize Season 2 Episode 7
Credit: Apple TV+

While several things are happening in this particular episode, the focus stays on Izzy and her date with Freya which starts at Georgio’s restaurant, and we see Cass is now working there as a trainee, trying to gain some financial independence. However, when Cass sees her mother, not realizing she is out on a date, Cass is quick to blow up, and it isn’t too pleasant.

Nevertheless, this allows Freya and Izzy to go back to Izzy’s house, where Freya notices the covered mirror in the dance studio, which then leads to a discussion about Izzy’s body image issues. This entire scene is rather tender, and something viewers might not expect to begin with. The Big Door Prize Season 2 Episode 7 was a pleasant surprise.

Freya and Izzy
Credit: Apple TV+

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There’s plenty to look forward to in The Big Door Prize Season 2 Episode 7, especially if you are a fan of Izzy. We would love to know in the comments what you thought about this episode, and do keep a lookout for our review of the next episode!

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