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Queen Of Tears Episode 10 Recap: Hyun-woo and Hae-in’s Turmoil

Queen of Tears

In “Queen of Tears,” episode 10, Baek Hyun Woo and Hong Hae In, despite their intense love, struggled heartbreakingly to part ways. The chapter beautifully captured their intense love and the associated sacrifices, underlining the difficulties and intricacies of their relationship. Let’s see what all happened in episode 10 of “Queen of Tears”.

Hyun Woo’s Confrontation and Resolve in Queen Of Tears

Several significant developments that go deeper into the past and present struggles of the characters are revealed in the most recent episode of “Queen of Tears.” When Soo-cheol finds Wi-Fi in Queen’s boxing building, he gets knowledge about Hyun-woo’s skill and tactical thinking from his early boxing career. Hyun-woo, in the meantime, shows off his physical strength and resolve by confronting thugs to deliver a lawsuit to the broker.

When Hae-in meets Eun-Seong, he uses her unknown illness against her and puts pressure on her to get back her job at the department store. When Soo-cheol sees this interaction, he comes dangerously close to intervening, but a mishap puts a stop to him. Fearful of Eun-seong’s threats, Hae-in begs Soo-cheol to be silent on the visit.

Hyun Woo's Confrontation and Resolve in Queen Of Tears
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Eun-Seong contacts Da-hye, making sure she stays under the radar by adopting a false name and making references to a common past and unresolved feelings. Hae-in’s gentle tending to Hyun-woo’s wounds is a symptom of their developing, loving love.

Du-gwan becomes suspicious when Soo-cheol and Hyun-woo give the same justifications for their injuries during breakfast. By bringing up Hyun-woo’s history as a boxer, Soo-cheol quickly deflects, bringing attention to underlying dynamics and tensions in their intertwined lives.

Action, emotional suspense, and interpersonal complexities are all blended together in this episode, laying the groundwork for more disclosures and conflicts as people work through personal and professional obstacles while navigating intricate relationships and ulterior motives.

Hae-in’s Dilemma with Eun-Seong

The most recent episode of “Queen of Tears” includes Du-gwan bragging about Hyun-woo’s accomplishments as Hae-in attends to his bruises before he leaves for work. When Hyun-woo thinks back on their past, she regrets not resolving their problems earlier. Hyun-woo gets an email at work regarding reassignment because of suspected malfeasance.

Hae-in's Dilemma with Eun-Seong
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When he confronts Eun-Seong, she mentions seeing Hae-in and makes suggestions about a meeting. Eun-Seong is shocked to learn of Mr Pyeon’s arrest from Hyun-woo. As all of this is going on, Grace receives a call from Seul Hee asking for help finding Man Dae and an offer to become CEO. Grace then gathers her team and proceeds to hunt him down via hospitals.

After learning of Man Dae’s whereabouts, Beom-ja confronts Grace in front of Hyun-woo and Yang-gi, accusing her of interfering in personal affairs and operating an illicit company. Beom-ja decides to handle things herself; she hits Grace and works with a detective to find Man Dae.

Bong-ae’s Emotional Discovery

Later in “Queen of Tears”, Bong-ae pays for Seon-hwa’s coffee and offers to work at an orchard farm in exchange, for making her day better. After learning about the malpractice charges against Hyun-woo and raising doubts about Hae-in’s divorce, Secretary Na prompts Hae-in to question Eun-seong about his plans. As suspicions grow, tensions escalate, paving the way for more exchanges and disclosures.

When Hyun-woo finds out about Hae-in’s tumour, she tells Bong-ae and asks her to take care of him while he’s away. When Bong-ae learns the truth, she loses it. Da-hye becomes tearful in reaction to Soo-cheol’s online message to her, reminding her of their son Gun-woo’s demands.

Bong-ae's Emotional Discovery
Credits: TvN

Hae-in leaves for Seoul amid claims from her mother and family strife. Breaking down into tears, Bong-ae steps in and offers Hae-in a ride. Grace learns where Man Dae’s hospital is, while Hae-in gets ready for her new position.

Tensions rise in the most recent events of “Queen of Tears” when Hae-in travels to Seoul despite her mother’s accusations.

As this is going on, Eun-Seong responds to rumours about the dissolution of the Hong family and gets ready to declare himself chairman. While Seul Hee and her men are still searching, Grace lies to them about Man Dae’s whereabouts.

Man Dae unexpectedly regains consciousness after a nurse leaves him alone. To allay any accusations that he was involved in her family’s problems, Eun-Seong names Hae-in as CEO when he makes his announcement.

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“Queen of Tears” episode 10 delves into intricate character dynamics, revealing deeper motivations and emotional struggles. From Hyun-woo and Hae-in’s poignant love to Beom-ja’s determined pursuit of justice, each character’s actions contribute to the unfolding drama.

Tensions escalate with surprising revelations, setting the stage for heightened conflicts and resolutions in subsequent episodes. The episode masterfully blends action, emotion, and suspense, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating what unfolds next in this captivating drama.