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Renegade Nell Review: Louisa Harland’s Exceptional Performance Saves an Otherwise Lackluster Series

Renegade Nell

Disney+ has officially dropped all eight episodes of its latest action, adventure, and fantasy series starring the very talented Louisa Harland, who has been a fan favorite since her performance on Derry Girls. Renegade Nell, which is now streaming, has several stimulating and compelling elements to it, but there’s no doubt that if there’s something that stands out in this series, it is Harland’s performance, which remained consistently remarkable from start to finish.

Renegade Nell follows the story of Nell Jackson who has wrong been framed for murder, and as the series progresses, she becomes one of the most feared Englishwomen in the country. However, Nell’s purpose and destiny precede her wrongful reputation. In this review, we will help you decide whether or not you should head over the Dinseu+ and stream Renegade Nell this weekend!

Louisa Harland as Nell Jackson Deserves All the Praise

If the title and subhead of this review haven’t made it too obvious already, we are more than happy to state it once again. The best part about Disney+’s latest series, Renegade Nell, is none other than Louisa Harland, who plays the role of Nell Jackson herself, aka the protagonist.

This evidently also means that Harland has the most screentime in Renegade Nell, and that is probably for the best, because without her, this series might have been dull, and lacked the spark that Harland carried with her.

There are several historical elements in Renegade Nell, that have been combined with adventure and fantasy, to create 8 episodes showcasing Nell Jackson’s personality and everything that she is capable of.

Ideally, Renegade Nell should have been an origin story, however, as the series progresses, it almost loses the plot, leaving behind several unanswered questions that are left up to the assumption of the viewers. Could this mean that there will be no second season since they tried to pack everything in a matter of 8 episodes? The answer to that question is far away still, but anything is possible.

Louisa Harland as Nell Jackson Deserves All the Praise
Credit: Disney+

Apart from Harland carrying the entire series on her shoulders, Renegade Nell did a phenomenal job with the costumes and action sequences, however, neither of them stood out. The oomph factor that viewers often look for, that separates what they’re watching from everything they have consumed before was simply missing from Renegade Nell.

Albeit, there were a few good moments from time to time, which would also include performances by Alice Kremelberg, Adrian Lester, Joely Richardson, Bo Bragason, and Nick Mohammed, all of whom did an exceptional job bringing together the different subplots that were scattered all around Renegade Nell.


There’s something for everyone when it comes to Renegade Nell. If you’re a fan of historical setups with great accents and clothes that you won’t find in Zara, then this Disney+ series is right up your alley. However, we recommend watching it for the one and only Louisa Harland, who has showcased that she can act just about any kind of character. Do let us know in the comments what you think about Renegade Nell.

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