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Ripley Review: Andrew Scott is Winsome in an Otherwise Mediocre Netflix Adaptation


In 1999, The Talented Mr. Ripley nuzzled its way into the hearts of several people as it served as a remarkable adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s novel. With stars like Matt Damon, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Cate Blanchett, the movie, which is now decades old had set the bar fairly high. So, when Netflix announced yet another adaptation, only this time a series, people were skeptical, and the only reassurance they had was Andrew Scott.

Netflix had taken on the task of turning a classic into a noirish series, with Scott in the lead. Since his role as the priest in Fleabag, Scott has recieved appreciation all over the world, and it was more than well deserved. Just like that, his slow movements, piercing looks, and machiavellian persona saved Netflix‘s latest series, Ripley.

Andrew Scott Sets Out to Win Hearts in Ripley

Ripley is the story of a conman, it really is that plain and simple if you attempt to summarize eight episodes in just a few brief words. However, Netflix takes it up a notch, and this series written and directed by Steven Zaillian needs you to be patient.

Although Ripley falls under the category of an “American psychological thriller,” it focuses more on appearances than the actual story, and that’s something that won’t always work in favor of the series, and that is exactly what happened in the case of Ripley.

Andrew Scott Sets Out to Win Hearts in Ripley
Credit: Netflix

Speaking of appearances, every frame in Ripley is beyond beautiful. The scenes transcned all possible expectations one might have had about the Netflix series, as it maintains the same quality from start to finish. Ripley is slow.

We aren’t talking about the character, but the series as a whole. It is slow, it requires your patience, and we wouldn’t blame you if you quit watching after the first episode, because the pace really does make you sigh ever so often. However, you might just find yourself sticking around a little longer, and yes, for Andrew Scott.

Scott never fails to amaze his audience, and while Ripley as a whole had several elements that can and should be nitpicked at, there should be next to no complaints about Scott’s performance in the series. It would be unfair to compare 1999’s Matt Damon to 2024’s Andrew Scott, but it will come as no shock if a discourse between picking favorites has already begun online.

Albeit, if we had to pick a favorite, it would be Scott. Possibly because the Netflix series feels more fresh, and the black and white does many favors to the overall presentation of the series as well.

Ripley Review
Credit: Netflix


While Andrew Scott’s performance was a cherry on top, and the icing as well, Johnny Flynn and Dakota Fanning also deserve praise for their noteworthy performances that aided Scott’s execution in Ripley. If you are patient enough for 8 sombre episodes with a whole lot of Scott, Ripley needs to be on your watchlist!

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