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Silent Witness Season 28: Is It Happening? Everything We Know So Far?

Silent Witness Season 28

Silent Witness is a part of the popular culture of the Britishers. The series is in the crime drama genre and has been airing for decades. Over the years, the series has slowly become a very big entity because of its gritty delivery of episodes in every season. Season 27 concluded in February 2024.

Silent Witness Season 28
Credits: What To Watch

Since then, Silent Witness Season 28 has been in demand by fans who really loved the last season. So if you want to know if BBC has commissioned the next season or not, read on.

How Did Silent Witness Season 27 End?

The final episode of Silent Witness Season 27 showcased the team looking into the case of eight bodies being found in the museum of King’s Cross Station. Nikki Alexander (played by Emilia Fox) is looking into the serial killer.

We also see Jack Hodgson (David Caves) looking into the cases of missing people from a historical context. Later, the team figured out that an AI company named Kascade was filling the cops with rage through fake social media posts. They also blackmail anyone who tries to stop them. Kascade’s plan is out and Jack goes to the gravestone of Elinor.

What Is Silent Witness All About?

Silent Witness is the creation of Nigel McCrery and it delves into a bunch of people who are forensic pathologists and they try to decipher different types of crimes. Over the years, there have been many executive producers of the show including Mike Dormer, Phillippa Giles, Priscilla Parish, Suzi McIntosh, and Jessica Pope among others.

The first season of the series aired between February 21st, 1996, and April 3rd, 1996. Silent Witness Season 27 concluded on February 13th, 2024.

What Is Silent Witness All About?
Credits: Radio Times

Is Silent Witness Season 28 Happening?

BBC has greenlit Silent Witness Season 28 so we should be happy about it. The Viewers are elated to know that it will return for another season. The renewal is attributed to the strong legacy the series carries and what it means for some of its fans.

We can expect a wedding between Jack and Nikki since they were engaged in the earlier season. Nikki has had horrible relationships in the past which is why she is always thinking something bad will happen to Jack.

We are guessing nothing bad should happen to him. But the makers might take the story in a morbid way. However, fans might not like it since Nikki and Jack are finally together after facing many challenges.

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Who Will Be In The Cast?

The principal cast of the earlier season will be the same including Emilia Fox (playing Dr Nikki Alexander), while David Caves will again play Jack Hodgson. Other stars who might also return are Alastair Michael (Velvy), and Aki Omoshaybi (Gabriel), as well as Rhiannon May (Cara).

Some new actors might also be introduced if the new case requires them so we can expect fresh faces also in Silent Witness Season 28.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
Credits: Radio Times

There is no release date but since a new season drops every year, we can speculate Silent Witness Season 28 to drop sometime in 2025. It can be either the winter or even the summer just like the last season.


Silent Witness has had generations growing up with it. Over multiple seasons, fans have been glued to this series to witness the unraveling of different kinds of crimes. After the completion of Season 27, Silent Witness Season 28 will bring back that thrill for viewers as the team will investigate gritty crime cases around the United Kingdom. Fans are now eagerly waiting for the next season.

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