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Under Paris Part 2: Everything We Know So Far

Under Paris Part 2

Netflix has a very interesting set of movies coming up in recent times. One of them is called Under Paris which deals with sharks. Directed by Xavier Gens, the film has a perfect blend of different genres like horror as well as suspense and thriller. It has echoes of the classic Jaws.

Under Paris Part 2
Credits: Netflix

Ever since the movie came out and has done well, there has been curiosity surrounding Under Paris Part 2. So if you are a fan of this French thriller movie, read on as we will answer this query.

How Did Under Paris End?

Under Paris was released on Netflix on June 5th and shows a giant shark showing up at the river Seine. The film’s ending is not happy in any way as Paris is flooded with water. The sharks also breed and they quickly multiply.

This is a dangerous situation for the humans. A map also shows that the shark population keeps increasing and is slowly covering the entire globe. This makes it clear that the infestation has reached a global scale.

Is Under Paris Part 2 Happening?

Under Paris leaves many questions and has an ending which is wide open. The film is about Sophia a scientist who finds out a shark and gets help from Mika and Adil. They are environmental activist, and police officers respectively.

So far, Netflix has not announced Under Paris Part 2 but we should remain hopeful since the film has drawn massive viewership for the streamer, especially in France and the USA.

Is Under Paris Part 2 Happening?
Credits: Film School Rejects

Gens has hinted that there might be more sharks in different cities in France which can be explored in Under Paris Part 2. We can expect the protagonist to move out of Paris to look for sharks. This can happen so we should be hopeful about it. The ending of the first film is grim. Under Paris, Part 2 might focus on different regions.

So we can expect the introduction of new characters in new settings. The tension will continue to rise and a sense of urgency will take place. Lilith is still around and will continue to spread terror.

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What More To Expect From It?

Under Paris Part 2 will pick from the first film. Adil has been seriously injured and their fate will be shown in the next film. The first film also showed Mika (Léa Léviant) dying for the protection of sharks. She was a very young environmentalist. Since sharks are in fresh waters in the film, which is the opposite of how they live naturally, we will see its ecological effect overall and how it will change things.

We also saw that there are shark species that can reproduce without the help of a male shark. This poses a massive risk to the human population who are already cornered and are living in a flooded city. Lilith is alive and that is another danger for everyone who is trying to survive. Overall, we can expect much drama and thrill from Under Paris Part 2.

We can expect the same cast as the previous film Under Paris Part 2 including Bérénice Bejo, Nassim Lyes, Léa Léviant, Aurélia Petit, Marvin Dubart, and Sandra Parfait among others.


Under Paris is a very fun shark film set in Paris. This French Netflix film has garnered many fans because of its different genres and entertaining content. The film takes the shark trope and gives it a very funny spin. Under Paris Part 2 will be taking the story forward and we can expect the humans to fight the sharks as they continue breeding in not just in France but globally.

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