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The Atypical Family Episodes 3 & 4 Review: Gripping Yet Amusing K-Drama Continues

The Atypical Family Episodes 3 & 4 Review

Netflix has a large range of K-drama series on the streaming platform right now, and one of the more intriguing series is The Atypical Family, which stays true to its title four episodes in. If you have been watching The Atypical Family, chances are you have your weekends reserved for this series because there’s a lot to unpack after each episode has a runtime of just over 70 minutes!

Things have begun progressing in The Atypical Family as the next set of episodes have dropped on the streaming platform and things are getting interesting as Do Da-hae makes her way into the Bok family. While not everyone trusts her just yet, Bok Gwi-ju has begun warming up to her, which is one of these episodes’ key elements. Keep reading our review to find out more about The Atypical Family Episodes 3 and 4.

What’s Next for the Bok Family?

The Atypical Family Episode 3 was certainly one of the more emotional episodes of the series so far, which has so far been more light-hearted and interesting. However, the third episode lets the viewers into the past of Bok Gwi-ju, which has been somewhat of a question mark up until this point, especially when it comes to the death of his wife.

The crux of Gwi-ju’s depression is revealed in The Atypical Family Episode 3, and it is truly heartbreaking as we see his once-happy life as a husband, father, and firefighter. With the help of this episode, The Atypical Family has managed to keep a brilliant balance between the different emotions that it delivers, and one can’t help but feel for Gwi-ju and the Bok family.

What's Next for the Bok Family?
Credit: Netflix

While Gwi-ju’s past was truly horrifying, those memories are now left behind and the focus in the second half of the third episode and episode 4 has completely shifted to the female protagonist of The Atypical Family, Do Da-hae. Undoubtedly, this character and what she is truly up to when it comes to the Bok family has everyone intrigued.

Everyone in the Bok family apart from Dong-hee has begun trusting Da-hae, including Gwi-ju after he wonders if she could be the reason behind his powers slowly and steadily coming back to him, which has also heavily been reaffirmed by his father in The Atypical Family Episode 4. As for Da-hae, her discoveries about the Bok family only continue to increase, especially after Gwi-ju makes revelations too.

The Atypical Family Episodes 3 & 4
Credit: Netflix

There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to each episode of The Atypical Family, however, this series, despite the complexity every now and then is shockingly easy to follow as the narrative continues to be orderly, while also keeping everyone hooked from the start to the end of each episode. Undoubtedly, The Atypical Family is only about to get more interesting!

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The Atypical Family is one of the more unique K-dramas on Netflix right now, and we would love to know in the comment section what you think about the series so far!