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Stolen Review: Netflix’s Latest Swedish Movie Has An Important Tale to Tell


Almost every country in the world has a group of people, usually in the minority, who face oppression in different ways as opposed to the majority of that country. Of late, several countries have had stories to tell, and done so with the help of movies and TV series on popular streaming platforms. Netflix has been home to many such movies, and the most recent one is Stolen.

Stolen is an important movie. When it comes to telling the tale of the indigenous Sámi community, and some of the many issues faced by them, Stolen paints a significant picture, and a streaming platform like Netflix helps share this message to people all over the world, who might not have awareness of the same.

In this review, we’ll tell you what worked versus what didn’t work when it comes to Stolen as a piece of cinema, and not only as a message.

Elin Kristina Oskal’s Performance Stands Out in Stolen

Admittedly, Stolen might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and might also require a certain amount of patience when it comes to the runtime and the progression of the plot. Nevertheless, Elin Kristina Oskal led Stolen in the most beautiful and powerful manner possible, which elevated the movie in many ways.

Elin Kristina Oskal's Performance Stands Out in Stolen
Credit: Netflix

If you decide to stream Stolen, we highly recommend sticking around for Oskal’s performance as she steals the show every time she is on screen. Her character, Elsa, becomes the voice of the reason and the more importantly, the voice of the indigenous Sámi community.

Another thing that worked in the favor of Stolen was the scenic beauty that often presented itself in every other scene and the rawness of it all. This Swedish drama movie did not shy away from attempting to censor any of the more sensitive issues that were put forth, making the entire movie a bold endeavor.

Stolen Review
Credit: Netflix

Stolen is an important movie when it comes specifically to the Sami community. It helps raise awareness to the rest of the world as it gives everyone a glimpse into how this community lives, a little bit about their culture, and more importantly, the struggles faced by them. Stolen has a handful of important messages, but it does fall short in some places.

The one thing that simply didn’t work in favor of Stolen was that it often felt monotonous. Despite an important and intriguing plot, the movie lacked the vitality that viewers might be searching for in the duration of the movie. A significant movie with lackluster moments is the brifest possible way of describing Stolen.

Stolen Review
Credit: Netflix


Netflix deserves an applause for being more inclusive in terms of content from all around the world, and Stolen is yet another addition to that list. Do let us know in the comments about whether or not you enjoyed watching Stolen.