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A Journey Review: Netflix’s Latest Filipino Movie is a Powerful Tearjerker

A Journey

A Journey, Netflix’s latest addition to a range of growing Filipino movies has finally landed on Netflix and it is a lot more emotional than one would have expected. A Journey is a movie about love, friendship and loss, and truly covers every little aspect of these elements in less than a runtime of two hours.

So, if you have some time to spare today and need a good cry that will make you appreciate life a little more, then A Journey deserves a spot on your Netflix watchlist. In this review, we will tell you more about the movie, and what worked for it so well. So, if you want to know more about A Journey and why we recommend giving it a watch, do keep reading this article!

Keep a Tissue Box Handy for A Journey

A Journey, which is now streaming on Netflix, is a story about a young married woman Shane, her husband Bryan, and their best friend whom they lovingly call Tupe. While this movie starts off on a sweet and upbeat note, viewers are well aware that there will be some tragedy soon, and it doesn’t take long for the movie to hit that low note.

Keep a Tissue Box Handy for A Journey
Credit: Netflix

Shane soon finds out that despite beating cancer the first time, it has returned. Of course, upon hearing the news, her husband is devastated, but what makes matters worse for him, is when Shane refuses to get any treatment this time around. Instead, she wants complete her magic list.

A magic list is something Shane had created, with a list of things she always wanted to do in life, and now, she has decided to do exactly that. Eventually, Shane convinces Tupe and Bryan to join her on this journey, and they agree, hoping that she will get the needed treatment after completing her magic list.

A Journey mostly consists of the three best friends traveling around, checking things off Shane’s list, which also involves meeting her estranged father. There are so many little and big moments during this time, that you might find yourself pausing the movie for a moment, just to soak it all in, just as Shane is.

A Journey Review

A Journey has several emotional checkpoints throughout the movie, however, the biggest one is the plot twist that nobody saw coming. Life truly has a cruel way of turning things around for people, and that’s exactly what happens to Shane’s life.

In some ways, A Journey had a happy ending, but by the end, the screen might look too blurry because of the tears. Have you ever wondered, if a movie can be too emotional? A Journey might just fit the description.


Usually, when we share a review, we give a disclaimer for horror movies – not for the faint-hearted. However, in this case, we are giving this disclaimer for A Journey. If you think you can handle this rollercoaster of emotions, A Journey will be the perfect weekend watch.