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Sugar Episode 3: Preview, Release Date And More

Sugar Episode 3

Sugar shows Colin Farrell returning to television after The North Water. The drama series showcases him as a detective and it’s slick treatment has struck a chord with the viewers. It premiered in April with the first two episodes being available to viewers. Both of them were loved.

Sugar Episode 3
Credits: Apple TV+

Now, fans are excited about Sugar Episode 3 which will take the story of the namesake detective forward. This article is for fans of Sugar who are looking up the potential premise and date of release of the episode. So continue reading to find out.

What Is Sugar All About?

Sugar is the creation of Mark Protosevich and it follows John Sugar (played by Colin Farrell) who is a detective in a private capacity in Los Angeles. He is hired by a wealthy businessperson named Jonathan Siegel (played by James Cromwell).

The granddaughter of Siegel named Olivia Siegel (Sydney Chandler) goes missing and Sugar is tasked to find her. However, as he starts the investigation and questions the family, he starts suspecting her father as well as stepbrother.

Fernando Meirelles is the director of the episodes and he is also the executive producer along with Colin and Mark Protosevich, Simon Kinberg, Audrey Chon, Chip Vucelich, Scott Greenberg, and Fernando Meirelles. Sugar also stars Kirby Howell-Baptiste (Ruby), Amy Ryan (Melanie Mackintosh), Dennis Boutsikaris (Bernie Siegel), Nate Corddry (David Siegel), Alex Hernandez (Kenny), and James Cromwell (Jonathan Siegel).

What Happened In Sugar Episode 2?

Sugar Episode 2 is called These People, These Places, and it was released along with the first episode on April 5th, 2024. It shows Sugar meeting Bernie Siegel family head and realizes that the latter is not really worried about his child. Bernie is more interested in saving the career of his son and is putting in money for it.

What Happened In Sugar Episode 2?
Credits: The Wrap

Sugar then meets Jonathan Siegel and finds out about the killing of Carmen Vazquez. He is shocked to find out that Olivia was there when it happened. This raises many queries which he tries to resolve. Sugar figures that Melanie Mackintosh (played by Amy Ryan) might help him in solving this crime.

We also get to know that Olivia looks like Djen who was the sister of Sugar which is why he is trying hard to find her. Carl dies after overdosing on some drug. Sugar has many challenges in front of him and he needs to find Olivia before someone else does.

What To Expect From Sugar Episode 3?

Shibuya Crossing is the title of Sugar Episode 3 and it helmed by Fernando Meirelles with a script from David Rosen and Mark Protosevich. Sugar will continue to find Olivia as he tries to look for dots that will connect her disappearance with the murder of a girl named Carmen Vazquez. The odds are clearly not supporting him and the Siegel family is also not interested that much.

So we can expect more problems arising for Sugar. Since he has a personal reason to pursue her, Sugar will not give up or get tired. Melanie might have a bigger role in the upcoming episode because of the events that happened prior. Overall, Sugar Episode 3 has many things going on in it which has excited the viewers.

Do We Have A Release Date?

Sugar Episode 3 will be released on Friday, April 12th, 2024 on Apple TV+ at 12 am (ET) with a duration ranging from 32 to around 48 minutes. The makers have decided for the first season to be of 8 episodes and the finale will air on May 17th, 2024. All the major actors will come back for the third episode.


Sugar has Colin Farrell in the lead who has made an impact on television with his earlier shows like True Detective. In this, he is also an executive producer, which proves his conviction in the story. The first two episodes have established the show and there is a lot of suspense going on to hook anyone.

Sugar Episode 3 might take us a step closer to where Olivia is and the audience will be with Sugar in this pursuit. Sugar remains a surprise for people this year as it came with minimal marketing and created a strong impact.

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