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Elsbeth Episode 4: Preview, Release Date And More

Elsbeth Episode 4

Elsbeth has been like a trip of nostalgia for fans who enjoyed shows like The Good Fight and The Good Wife as it serves as their spin-off. The series is in the genre of dramedy as well as police procedure and takes the legacy of the parent shows and gives it a funny spin.

Elsbeth Episode 4
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The show surprised everyone with its pilot which premiered in February 2024 and it was followed by two more episodes. Since then, the buzz around Elsbeth Episode 4 has been growing really strong. You are at the right place for the information.

What Is Elsbeth All About?

Elsbeth is the creation of Michelle King and Robert King and it tells the story of Elsbeth Tascioni (played by Carrie Preston). She is an attorney who is working with the police department of New York. Earlier, she lived and worked in the city of Chicago.

The series shows her supervising a sort of monitorship that took place post the arrest of some people that was surrounded by a lot of controversy. Jonathan Tolins, Michelle King, Robert King and Liz Glotzer are the executive producers of Elsbeth. Besides Carrie, the show also has Carra Patterson (playing Kaya Blanke), Wendell Pierce (C. W. Wagner) and Gloria Reuben (Claudia Payne) in pivotal roles.

What Happened In Elsbeth Episode 3?

Elsbeth Episode 3 was called Reality Shock and it was written by Jonathan Tolins while Ron Underwood directed it. The episode was released on April 4, 2024 and it starts with television actress Wendy Wexler getting electric shock. It was given to her by one of the finances of the show Lavish Ladies named Skip Mason.

What Happened In Elsbeth Episode 3?
Credits: The New York Times

It is revealed that he did that move because Wexler was blackmailing him with someone. Meanwhile, Elsbeth meets Lieutenant Noonan and seeks any information regarding Wali. However, he does not say anything because his loyalty rests on Warner.

Katricia leaves Lavish Ladies shooting after he gets drunk. Later, she discovered Skip’s voicemail for Wendy when she died. This proves that he was somewhere else when the murder took place. A memorial takes place to honor Wendy and a text message from Tracy does not align with the voicemail Skip left. After a confrontation, Skip finally says that he is the one who murdered Wendy. All this is recorded in a microphone which leads to cops arresting him.

What To Expect From Elsbeth Episode 4?

Elsbeth Episode 4 is named Love Knocked Off and it will focus on Margo Clarke, who works as a matchmaker for the elite people. Her new client is an influential socialite who is trying to find details about her new husband when he disappears.

Margo is trying to make sure she doesn’t find out anything. Kaya Blanke (played by Carra Patterson) and Elsbeth are given the task to take into this case by C. W. Wagner (played by Wendell Pierce).

A 21-second promo was also released which shows Elsbeth talking about matchmaking and how it might turn into something else. Her voice is followed by a montage of several intriguing shots from the next episode.

Erica Shelton Kodish is the writer while Rosemary Rodriguez is the director of the episode. The episode has a very interesting premise related to matchmaking going really wrong. This is a plot that has not been showcased in the context of crime.

Do We Have A Release Date?

Elsbeth Episode 4 will be released on Saturday, April 11th, 2024 on CBS. It can be also viewed on Paramount+, Prime Video, and Apple TV. Love Knocked Off will be followed by two more episodes in the show with the fifth and sixth releasing on different dates in April.


Elsbeth was a very interesting character in a supporting role in The Good Wife and its response led the makers to come up with a show that will only focus on her. Unlike the parent shows, this one is filled with humor and has situations that are truly funny. The characters and situations naturally make every episode wholesome which is why it has been well received. Elsbeth Episode 4 will show the team investigating another case which has an interesting take. Viewers are really excited about it.