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Sugar Episode 3 Review: Some Development, More Sugar, and Little Action


Sugar Episode 3 has officially landed on Apple TV+ and doesn’t offer as much as one might have wanted, but helps move the plot ahead, in some ways at least. Colin Farrell, who plays the role of John Sugar in the latest drama series has a lot to offer, but the direction of the story isn’t doing much justice to his performance, no matter how much the character, and Farrell, attempt to stand out in an otherwise grand story.

There are several characters, several subplots, and several attempted plot twists, and while Sugar Episode 3 isn’t the best attempt at moving things along faster, it is one of the better episodes so far, albeit, there is a long way to go. In this review, we will talk about what worked, and what didn’t work in Sugar Episode 3, which might help you decide whether you want to stream it or skip it!

Very Few Answers to Look Forward to in Sugar Episode 3

In the pilot episode of Apple TV+‘s latest drama series, Sugar, the main ongoing plotline was introduced, which was also the center of the official trailer before the release of the series.

John Sugar was hired to find a young woman, and one would hope that Sugar Episode 3 was helping him get closer to solving the main mystery, however, the series at this point develops several branches dealing with other information, and focussing less on the main plot.

Nevertheless, there is something to look forward to, which makes Sugar Episode 3 better than the initial two episodes.

Very Few Answers to Look Forward to in Sugar Episode 3
Credit: Apple TV+

In Sugar Episode 3, John Sugar is not sleeping well, tormented by his nightmares even when his eyes are wide open. His character arc sees some growth in this episode and we see a more charming side of him, even when in action.

Melanie, played by Amy Ryan is one of the main characters this series has to offer, and she finds herself in a rather dangerous situation in Sugar Episode 3, but John Sugar is there to save the day, wearing his dashing suit, ready to throw some punches, and help Melanie escape.

Sugar Episode 3 Review
Credit: Apple TV+

This helps Melanie trust John a little more, and she reveals a few details about Olivia, which is exactly what John needs at that moment, however, it still isn’t enough to help him get closer to details about her disappearance.

If there’s one thing that Sugar Episode 3 made sure of, was that John needed to sleep with one eye open if he slept at all, that is. He has people coming after him but he remains unaware, trying to focus on finding Olivia, but things are only getting complicated as more subplots get introduced.

Another certain thing is that John can’t trust anyone, even the ones closest to him. At this point, if he can trust anyone, it is probably his dog, and that’s about it. Sugar Episode 3 is worth a watch if you’ve already started the series, because the pace has officially been picked up, and hopefully, the future episodes answer questions instead of raising more.

Sugar Episode 3
Credit: Apple TV+


If you like some classic mystery and have the patience to let a plot develop slowly and steadily, then you might find yourself liking Apple TV+’s Sugar, little by little. Make sure you leave a comment and let us know what you liked the most about this series so far!