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The Atypical Family Episode 7 Review: Does Everyone Know The Bok Family’s Secret?

The Atypical Family Episode 7

The Atypical Family is one of the more unique K-dramas that have landed on Netflix, and it deserves plenty of credit for the same. While this series has a few cliches on the way, overall, it has kept the viewer’s intrigue intact and every episode has got in something new, and The Atypical Family Episode 7 is no exception, which shows the aftermath of Bok Gwi-ju being left at the altar by Do Da-hae.

Plenty is going on in this latest episode, but by the looks of it, Gwi-ju is more smitten than ever, even though he wouldn’t admit so to himself. In this review, we will unpack some of the details that unfold in The Atypical Family Episode 7, and would highly recommend watching the previous episodes for context, and also because there will be some spoilers ahead.

Gwi-ju Revisits Some Important Moments

The Atypical Family Episode 7 starts with the aftermath of Bok Gwi-ju being left at the altar by Do Da-hae, who runs away from the Bok family, and her own family for that moment. Da-hae’s secret cover of being a con woman has been blown off by herself, which served as a shocking twist in the series, but has helped create some clarity, especially for Gwi-ju.

Of course, Gwi-ju is devasted by how things escalated between him, Da-hae, and their families, and because of that, he is keen on revisiting the past and continues to return to the moment of being left at the altar.

While he does that, Da-hae’s family and the Bok family end up in a stand-off of accusations and more, and this hints toward rising tensions in the future and just how adamant Da-hae’s family is to learn the secrets of the Bok family.

Gwi-ju Revisits Some Important Moments
Credit: Netflix

In some ways, these secrets have already been exposed, but Da-hae’s mother needs more information, and The Atypical Family Episode 7 showcases a more villainous side to her, making her one of the least like characters of this series so far. In this particular episode, every character is on their own story arc, which might make things a little complex, but on the whole, this series does a good job tying all the loose ends together.

The Atypical Family Episode 7 has some great moments scattered around the entire episode, but Gwi-ju’s character is at the center of it all, and his conflict with Da-hae proves to be one of the more interesting parts of the episode.

The Atypical Family Episode 7
Credit: Netflix

There’s a lot of revisiting the past, in addition to Da-hae and In-A bonding once again, which is always heartwarming, and not just for Gwi-ju, who actually accuses Da-hae of kidnapping his daughter. The latest episode ends on a rather intriguing note with Gwi-ju making a deal with Da-hae’s family, claiming that they both need each other, and it would be in their best interest to do so.


The Atypical Family Episode 7 might not have been the best episode of the series, but it has certainly helped drive the plot forward, and we are excited to see what’s next for the Bok family!

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