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The Outlaws Season 3 Review: Stephen Merchant Shines Bright In The Final Season!

The Outlaws Season 3 Review

The plot of “The Outlaws” centres on seven strangers who are reunited due to community service requirements. They discover a priceless bag that The Dean has during their time together, setting off a high-stakes game of cat and mouse.

Their journey takes on a suspenseful and dramatic tone as they cooperate to outsmart The Dean and escape the situation they unintentionally put themselves in. Now that the third season is out, let’s see if it’s worth a watch or not for anyone who is wondering.

The Outlaws Season 3 Review
Credits: Prime Video

Stephen Merchant’s Stellar Performance in The Outlaws

“The Outlaws” isn’t a typical serious murder mystery; instead, it embraces a more lighthearted tone while ensuring that the characters face continuous obstacles. The fun part about these characters is seeing them come up with creative solutions to problems repeatedly.

The three seasons of the show have excellent character development and outstanding writing. A standout aspect of the third season is how Rani and Ben’s relationship develops over time, demonstrating their increased maturity and self-awareness.

As Ben and Rani, respectively, Rhianne Barreto and Gamba Cole shine, and Grace Calder, Eleanor Tomlinson, and Clare Perkins also put in great performances. However, Stephen Merchant, in his role as Greg, really shines. In addition to raising the bar for the series, his portrayal of this nuanced character also improves the performances of his co-stars.

Stephen Merchant's Stellar Performance in The Outlaws
Credits: Prime Video

“The Outlaws” balances escalating criminal dramas with an underlying tenderness, showcasing the depth of its well-realized characters. Greg’s embarrassing moments as a supporting character in Gabby’s bold TikToks are motivated by love and concern, which gives the show’s shenanigans a charming, hilarious touch, which is noteworthy.

“The Outlaws” thrives on its ensemble dynamic. Amidst the exciting plotlines, there is plenty of fun to be found in Diane’s unwavering pursuit of a solo career as a crime fighter and in Greg’s shift to self-employment, complete with a strange work-from-home arrangement.

Even if Merchant has a great sense of humor, the show’s ability to strike a balance between humor and thriller elements is what really stands out. After The Dean’s plot ends, Ricky Grover’s character is introduced, adding a new level of interest as a clever opponent.

Balancing Humor and Drama

Merchant’s decision to end the series after this season feels fitting, as the characters have reached their narrative conclusion. These last episodes of “The Outlaws” are something fans should cherish since they bring the series to a satisfying close and capture the spirit of the show.

Balancing Humor and Drama
Credits: Prime Video

“The Outlaws” season three delivers on its promise of being an enjoyable show that captivates us from beginning to end. In comparison to the first two seasons, the show moves more quickly, which gives the audience a sense of urgency and keeps them interested the entire time. The character development is comprehensive despite the rapid pacing, and the climax develops organically without feeling forced.

The predictability of the performance is one element that doesn’t perform as well. The series holds the audience’s attention with its smart comedy and well-constructed plot twists, even though there aren’t many surprising turns. The comedy and drama in “The Outlaws” are well-balanced, making it an enjoyable watch even in the absence of any surprises.

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Season 3 of “The Outlaws” successfully delivers a blend of humour and drama, keeping viewers engaged despite its predictability. The show excels in character development and maintains a brisk, captivating pace. The ensemble cast, particularly Stephen Merchant, shines, adding depth and nuance to the narrative.

While the series may not offer many surprises, its witty dialogue and well-crafted plot twists ensure a satisfying viewing experience. As the final season, it brings the characters’ stories to a fitting conclusion, making it a must-watch for fans who appreciate the unique charm and entertainment value of “The Outlaws.”

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