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The Big Cigar Episode 3 Review: What’s Next for Huey P. Newton?

The Big Cigar Episode 3

The Big Cigar Episode 3, titled, “Guns and Matzah” is now streaming on Apple TV+, and of course, things are getting a lot more intense as this series progresses. Admittedly, there are a lot of elements, timelines, characters, and more that one needs to keep up with when it comes to The Big Cigar, especially as the narrative moves forward, but once you do, it is well worth the patience you put into originally.

There’s a lot going on in The Big Cigar Episode 3 with plenty of twists and turns but the focus remains on the protagonist, Huey P. Newton. Before you dive into this latest episode, we would highly recommend watching the first two episodes, which do a brilliant job of introducing the main character and what one can expect from the rest of the series.

André Holland Continues to Steal the Show in The Big Cigar!

As compared to other shows that are currently streaming on Apple TV+, like Dark Matter, Trying, The Big Door Prize, and others, The Big Cigar hasn’t faired too well, especially when it comes to the first two episodes that were released in the premiere week.

Nevertheless, this biographical drama series still has time to redeem itself and solidify a spot for itself, and hopefully, it has made some strides when it comes to Episode 3.

The Big Cigar Episode 3, much like the previous ones, might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it does a good job of keeping the existing viewers interested in what might happen next.

André Holland Continues to Steal the Show in The Big Cigar!
Credit: Apple TV+

Since this series is based on a true story, there is enough, but not a lot of room when it comes to dramatization of the plot, which creates certain restrictions. Could this be one of the reasons The Big Cigar isn’t thriving as much as one would have hoped?

Whatever the situation might be, it doesn’t discredit some of the phenomenal performances in The Big Cigar Episode 3, especially by André Holland, who has continued to amaze us in every single episode.

Holland is undoubtedly the star of the show and that’s evident in the latest episode. As for the episode itself, it is action-packed at several points, and a handful of scenes might even make you flinch a little.

The FBI is more involved in The Big Cigar Episode 3 as the pressure increases, but it helps drive the narrative forward, and there’s almost never a dull moment, which is important for this series, especially at this point.

The Big Cigar Episode 3
Credit: Apple TV+

Huey’s intuition is always correct and saves him from trouble several times in this episode, and often makes for an interesting turn of events. The gunshots at the end of the episode are the perfect way to help increase the level of suspense and give the viewers something to look forward to.


The Big Cigar Episode 3 has definitely elevated the quality of the series, and we would love to know in the comments what you thought about this series so far!

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