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The Big Cigar Episode 3 Preview: What To Expect?

The Big Cigar Episode 3 Preview

The Big Cigar has a very interesting premise that deals with different genres like drama thriller and biography. It is inspired by a real-life headline and has a very engaging storyline that has gripped the viewers. It started recently and its first two episodes are loved by viewers.

The Big Cigar Episode 3 Preview
Credit: Apple TV+

The Big Cigar Episode 3 is the upcoming episode of this miniseries and there is much excitement around it. Viewers who were delighted with the series are looking forward to the third episode. Read on to find out its preview and other elements.

What Is The Big Cigar All About?

Jim Hecht has developed The Big Cigar and Damon Thomas, Don Cheadle, and Tiffany Johnson are its directors. The series is taken from a 2012 namesake article that was published in Playboy by Joshuah Bearman.

The story of the series takes place in 1974 and focuses on Huey P. Newton (played by André Holland) who co-founded The Black Panther Party. He was on the run around that time and was planning to leave for Cuba. In this run, he is helped by Bert Schneider (Alessandro Nivola) who used to finance films.

Cheadle and Hecht are also executive producers with Janine Sherman Barrois, Joshuah Bearman, Joshua Davis, and Arthur Spector. The series premiered on May 17th, 2024 with the first two episodes releasing on the same day.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

The Big Cigar Episode 2 is called The Cuban and it was helmed by Don Cheadle. It was written by Jim Hecht and Janine Sherman Barrois.

The episode showcases that Huey P. Newton is planning to leave for Cuba under the garb of making a film titled The Big Cigar. Despite the serious situation unfolding, the episode is sprinkled with humor. Huey also loses his father. The plan for him to leave the United States is still taking place as the officials are trying to corner him.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?
Credits: Apple TV+

Meanwhile, he is also making sure his Black Panther Party does not get into conflicts of arms with anyone. Amid this, he also ends up parting ways with Eldridge Cleaver who was an important member of the organization.

Several murder cases are on Huey and his only way to survive is to leave the country which is why his plan needs to work. A man from Cuba is also hired for the fake movie. A pilot from Cuba does not land on a fake airstrip created for the movie. He revealed Huey’s location to the people he owed some money.

What To Expect From The Big Cigar Episode 3?

The Big Cigar Episode 3 is named Guns & Matzah and it is written by Gwendolyn M. Parker and Laurence Andries. The earlier episode showcased how Huey could not leave for Cuba after the pilot ditched him at the last minute by selling his whereabouts information. In the next episode, we might see him finally leaving for Cuba after the issues are resolved.

Since it’s not easy for him amid the cases and clamping down by the authorities, it would be interesting to witness how he manages to subvert things. Meanwhile, his relationship with Eldridge has hit a block because of the cases and murders. The two will end up going their different ways which will eventually lead to the end of their party.

Meanwhile, a loggerhead situation is going on between Steve and Bert regarding Huey’s plans to leave for Cuba to avoid legal actions against him. All this will be showcased in The Big Cigar Episode 3 which will make it an engaging episode.

Do We Have A Release Date?

The Big Cigar Episode 3 will be released on Friday, May 24th, 2024 on Apple TV+. Its runtime will be between 45 to 50 minutes just the first two episodes. The series will have six episodes and the finale will drop on June 14th.

Do We Have A Release Date?
Credits: DMT


The Big Cigar tells a chapter from the history of America that is lesser known by the masses. The story is so weird to be true that it was bound to be made into a series. The Big Cigar Episode 3 is going to show us how Huey will go to Cuba from the USA.

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