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Apple TV+’s Dark Matter Episode 4 Preview: Release Date and More

The first three episodes of Dark Matter have officially released on Apple TV+ and they have taken Jason Dessen and the viewers on an incredibly yet slightly confusing ride. As this series progresses, things are flowing better and Episode 3 was better paced and has set the series up for some very interesting episodes, and we’re here to give you a little preview of that.

Dark Matter Episode 4 will be one of the more important episodes of the series as we continue to follow Jason 1 (the original Jason) and Jason 2 (the universe-traveling Jason) on their journies, but the focus will certainly be on Jason 1. There will be some spoilers ahead, so make sure you have caught up with Dark Matter on Apple TV+ before reading further!

What Happened in Dark Matter Episode 3?

Dark Matter Episode 3 continued to showcase the interchanged lives, realities, and universes of Jason 1 and Jason 2 after the plot was established in the series’ first two episodes. The latest episode was better structured and we witnessed the two different versions of Jason trying to survive in their new lives.

Jason 1 continues to remain trapped in Velocity Labs as he tries to figure out how he landed up here, and how he can escape and reunite with his family. Meanwhile, Jason 2 is living a more cushiony lifestyle in Jason 1’s universe. He’s going on dinners with Daniela, hosting a dinner party with her, and also trying to keep up with playing pretend, something he has assumed he will now do for the rest of his life.

What Happened in Dark Matter Episode 3?
Credit: Apple TV+

Dark Matter Episode 3 had some key moments, and the most important one was towards the end of the episode where Amanda decides to help Jason 1 escape, and that can only happen with the help of the box, which neither of them knows how to use. Nevertheless, they don’t really have another choice now, and only time, or Episode 4, will tell what happens next.

What Can You Expect From Dark Matter Episode 4?

Jason 1 and Amanda will be the focus of Dark Matter Episode 4 as they now find themselves trapped in the box, which has now turned into a large corridor, one with endless possibilities. These two characters are bound on an adventure they wouldn’t have expected, and neither of them has any idea how to proceed.

Meanwhile, Jason 2 will continue to live his new life in Jason 1’s universe as he tries to adjust to being a married with man with a child and a set of new friends. However, now that the dinner party is over, and there have been several sweet moments with Daniela, things will start to progress with Jason 2 as he takes some steps in his new shoes.

What Can You Expect From Dark Matter Episode 4?
Credit: Apple TV+

Much like the latest episode, Dark Matter Episode 4 will also continue to switch between Jason 1 and Jason 2 lives, and it will be interesting to see how matters unfold.

When and Where Can You Watch Dark Matter Episode 4?

Dark Matter Episode 4 will be available to stream exclusively on Apple TV+ on May 22, 2024.


If you have been enjoying Dark Matter on Apple TV+ so far, make sure you keep a lookout for our review of Episode 4 next week!