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The Big Cigar Episode 6 Review: A Lackluster Series Finale for Huey P. Newton

The Big Cigar Episode 6 Review

Unlike many other series’ on Apple TV+, The Big Cigar only lasted for six episodes, and if we’re being completely honest, and possibly a little critical, this title would have faired much better as a movie. Huey P. Newton’s story deserves to be told, over and over again perhaps, but an Apple TV+ movie on the same would have been much more impact and the events of the biographical drama would have simply moved forward more coherently.

Nevertheless, The Big Cigar has been created with all six episodes now available on the streaming platform and starring a roster of talented cast members including André Holland, Tiffany Boone, Alessandro Nivola, P. J. Byrne, Glynn Turman, and Jordane Christie amongst many others.

In this review, we will talk about the series finale, aka Episode 6 of The Big Cigar, and what worked versus what did not work!

Did Huey P. Newton Finally Complete his Journey?

The Big Cigar primarily revolved around Huey P. Newton’s journey to Cuba and the endless struggles and hurdles that were a part of this journey. If you didn’t know already that Episode 6 would be the last episode of the series, chances are you might find yourself looking forward to more episodes, because something about the series finale felt underwhelming and incomplete.

It was a good episode, but not good enough to be a strong finale.

Did Huey P. Newton Finally Complete his Journey?
Credit: Apple TV+

In the previous episode, Huey, his partner Gwen, and his friend Stephen Blauner made it to Mexico after the FBI was hot on their trail, and while they were supposed to be there only for a couple of weeks, Huey was incredibly paranoid and felt constantly unsafe.

In The Big Cigar Episode 6 we witness the last leg of Huey’s escape from the United States of America to Cuba after everything that he has been through, and for this part, Bert Schneider also joins the gang, as a helping hand.

However, the tensions between Bert and Huey are high as the latter lashes out at his once friend, refusing to take his help in the journey ahead, despite Bert trying incredibly hard to explain his side of the story.

This particular scene between the two was probably one of the most well-written scenes of the entire series, and definitely worked in favor of the finale amongst other elements that crowded the episode.

The Big Cigar Episode 6 Review
Credit: Apple TV+

Ultimately, the focus remains on Huey’s escape to Cuba, and despite almost drowning on his way, along with Gwen, the couple make it to the shores of Cuba, and that moment truly does feel like victory.

The Big Cigar Episode 6 has some good moments, but they weren’t enough to make it a series finale, something people will remember for days to come. We still do believe The Big Cigar would have done much better as a movie.

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The Big Cigar Episode 6 might not have been the best part of the series, but it does deserve a watch, especially if you have invested your time into Huey P. Newton’s journey. Do let us know in the comments what you thought about the series so far.

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