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The Big Door Prize Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Brace Yourself For An Emotional Story

The Big Door Prize Season 2 Episode 4 Review

Last week, The Big Door Prize Season 2 officially began and Apple TV+ gave the season a strong start with the first three episodes. These episodes helped move the story forward with a focus on the Morpho machine, which has been the foundation of the series so far. However, the most recent episode, The Big Door Prize Season 2 Episode 4 was a little different from the rest of the episodes so far, but also served as a refreshing change.

The Big Door Prize largely belongs to two genres – sci-fi and comedy. There’s plenty of both in most episodes of the series but shockingly enough, The Big Door Prize Season 2 Episode 4 was more emotional than anything else, and might have given an interesting hint about the Morpho machine without really giving the machine a lot of screentime. So, here’s our review of the latest episode!

A Peep Into Mr. Johnson’s Past

The Big Door Prize Season 2 Episode 4, “Storytellers,” was largely about Mr. Johnson, but more importantly, his past. The episode begins with a flashback, where there’s a boxing machine instead of the Morpho machine, and Mr. Johnson needs to get it fixed.

This is when he meets Ian, aka the man comes to fix the machine and Mr. Johnson takes a liking to him almost immediately. Of course, back then, Mr. Johnson kept his crush a secret and wasn’t an openly gay man, but with hints and signals, his likeness towards Ian was evident.

A Peep Into Mr. Johnson's Past
Credit: Apple TV+

Meanwhile, in the present time, Cass, Nat, Hana, and a few other women decide to get together and spend time telling stories in a group, and the topic for the day is their “greatest relationship.” This little group helped Hana warm up to the ladies a little, and finally, Nat stopped looking at Hana as a weird threat and looked at her as a friend instead.

However, during this group time, we also see an awkward Dusty, who is feeling more than guilty about his date in the previous episode, and also comes clean to Cass about it, who isn’t too thrilled, despite their temporary separation.

There are a few different subplots in The Big Door Prize Season 2 Episode 4, but the focus remains on Mr. Johnson, who also gets stood up by Ian in the flashback, and this particular scene has to be chalked up as one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the series so far, especially considering how much it impacted Mr. Johnson for years to come.

The Big Door Prize Season 2 Episode 4 Review
Credit: Apple TV+

Finally, towards the end of the episode, Mr. Johnson finally makes his way into the Morpho machine, where he comes to face with an animated version of Ian, and gets the closure he needs, whilst also realizing that all these years he was beating himself up for something that was never his fault. After this realization, the blue dots on his are gone.

This hint at all things Morpho should be explored in future episodes, but for now, The Big Door Prize Season 2 Episode 4 was an absolute treat and one that was needed amid an otherwise sci-fi-filled series.


The Big Door Prize Season 2 continues to maintain the high-quality of storytelling that was established in the previous season, and we would love to know in the comments what your thoughts on the most recent episode were!