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Zero to Hero Review: Netflix’s Rom-Com Fails to Deliver

Zero to Hero

Netflix’s latest movie, Zero to Hero, is filled with all the possible cliches that one can think of. As the title suggests, the story of Zero to Hero follows a young man who is trying to build a music career when a rare opportunity falls into his lap, changing the trajectory of his life, in addition to those around him.

In this review, we will talk about what worked for us, and what didn’t work for us when it came to Zero to Hero, which can be deemed a romantic comedy with some great moments scattered around. So, keep reading this article which will help you decide whether you want to stream Zero to Hero, or skip it!

An Overdone Concept

When it comes to a genre like romantic comedy, which has had some brilliant movies to show since the dawn of time, it is important for newer movies to stand out with at least some unique elements, if not the whole movie being unique.

As for Netflix’s latest movie, Zero to Hero, which was riddled with cliches from start to end, there was simply nothing different that it had to offer. This movie felt like a mix of a few romantic comedies, put together in the most shoddy manner, and served to the audience on a silver platter.

An Overdone Concept
Credit: Netflix

Directed by Marcelo Antunez, Zero to Hero follows the story of a young man who looks exactly like a superstar. This doppleganger lives a completely different life, but is forced to take over the life of the superstar when the latter gets way too drunk and lands himself in the hospital. Instead of a more honest approach, his managers simply decide to replace him a nicer, long-haired version, and with that, the chaos begins.

One of the elements that were used in Zero to Hero was the classic rags to riches, where “Hero” steps into the life of superstar Sandro Sanderlei. In this transition, the Netflix original tried to attempt comedy, however, the jokes rarely ever landed.

Joke after joke simply felt like a failed attempt in Zero to Hero. There were a few good moments here and there which were mostly Hero and his newfound romance, where the viewers get to witness the on-screen chemistry between the talented Lucas Lucco and Carla Diaz.

Zero to Hero Review
Credit: Netflix

Overall, there was nothing new in Zero to Hero. Sandro Sanderlei eventually wakes up, Hero becomes the actual hero of the movie, and both Sandro and Hero share a stage, after which the latter gets the ultimate kiss in the movie, signifying that he was the ultimate winner, despite not having the superstar life. As we said, Zero to Hero was filled with cliches that you must have encountered in every other romantic comedy that exists.


Netflix is filled with a range of titles, especially romantic comedies that deserve a watch, which is why we would recommend skipping Zero to Hero, unless there is absolutely nothing on your watchlist. Do let us know in the comments whether or not you’ll be streaming this Netflix movie.

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