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The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 7: Preview, Release Date And More

The Cleaning Lady

The Cleaning Lady has turned out to be a success on television. This crime drama has surpassed the original series it’s based on due to its performances and writing. The first season started in September 2022 and its success prompted another season with six episodes already available for watch.

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 7: Preview
Credits: The Hollywood Reporter

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 7 has created much hype mainly after the drastic turns the previous episode had. So if you are looking for the episode’s preview as well as when it can be watched, read on.

What Is The Cleaning Lady All About?

The Cleaning Lady is an adaptation of La chica que limpia which is a show from Argentina and was released in 2017. Miranda Kwok has developed it for Fox. The series is about a surgeon named Thony De La Rosa (played by Élodie Yung) from the Philipines. He reaches Las Vegas as an immigrant with no documents to get treatment for Luca, her son.

He is suffering from a rare health issue for which he needs a treatment that’s only available in Las Vegas. She starts working as a cleaning worker with Fiona De La Rosa (played by Martha Millan). However, her life goes through changes after she sees a murder. Arman Morales (played by Adan Canto), the man who did the murder, hires her as a doctor and cleaner for his organization.

The first season of The Cleaning Lady ran from January 3rd to March 14, 2022, and had ten episodes. It was followed by a second season in September. The Cleaning Lady Season 3 started airing on March 5th, 2024. Miranda Kwok, Rose Marie Vega, and Jeannine Renshaw among others are the executive producers of the show.

What Happened In The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 6?

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 6 is named El Reloj and it was released on April 9th, 2024. Jeannine Renshaw wrote the episode while Catriona McKenzie has helmed it. The episode shows Dante, Jorge, and Ramona planning to save Armando after getting audio as proof that he is not dead. The Cadillac Armando owned is brought back by Ramona.

What Happened In The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 6?
Credits: Deadline

Thony is told by Jorge that CPS won’t disturb Lucas. Thony then feels that Dante might be involved in the abduction of Armando. Towards the end, the carry carrying Armando and the kidnappers leaves the road and moves into the cliff while Jeremy and Thony are chasing it.

What To Expect From The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 7?

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 7 is named Velorio and it’s penned by Jen Klein. The episode will start right at the point of the cliffhanger the previous episode ended. We will get to know the fate of Armando’s car which met with an unfortunate fate. A promo of the episode showcases Ramona confronting Thony and asking her many questions related to Arman.

She believes Thony and Arman might have something. Ramona also believes that Nadia and Thony have affected their plans. Due to the threat to the life of Fiona, Jeremy steps in to get a security camera and other things installed in her room.

The episode will also star Eva De Dominici (playing Nadia Morales), Kate del Castillo (Ramona Sanchez), Santiago Cabrera (Jorge Sanchez) and Clayton Cardenas (Dante) among others.

Do We Have A Release Date?

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 7 will be released on Tuesday, April 16th, 2024 on Fox at 8 pm (ET). People who don’t have cable television can enjoy the episodes on many streaming platforms. These include Hulu, Fubo TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV. The Cleaning Lady Season 3 will have 12 episodes with each episode having a duration of 43 to 45 minutes.


The Cleaning Lady has become a successful show in a short time on television. Despite being a remake, it ends up overtaking the source material in every way. The show has some really good acting on display from every actor including Élodie Yung. The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 7 will showcase the issues between Thony and Ramona. It will also touch upon what happens to Armando who is kidnapped.